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Loft conversions - I have questions!

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Chirpygirl · 19/08/2007 11:26

We are going to be (hopefully) in a position to move within the next year and are thinking of converting the loft before we do.
Well, DH is thinking of it, he reckons it will add more to the house as we can put an ensuite master bedroom in the loft and the house is arranged in such a way it will have proper stairs up to it as well.
I am worried as I will have a 2 year old and a relative newborn in the house when he is talkijng about doing this!

So, questions - Will it be a nightmare for us to live here while it is being done?
Can it be done in the winter as we want to move before next summer if possible?
Is it going to be worth it with the hassle/cost etc or should I just forget about it!

OP posts:

cktwo · 19/08/2007 20:25

Speak to your builder. We're planning ours for late January mainly because all good tradesmen are booked up over summer and a loft conversion can usually be done in winter.

Your builder will also be able to advise on if its going a messy job or a really really messy job.
For example, we're having to have the entire ceiling taken out under the loft therefore its going to make a huge amount of mess. Our bathroom is also being ripped out so we're moving out with the kids (who are about the same age as yours) for three months while the work takes place.

As for the costs, after the conversion our house will be 4 bedroom (1 ensuite),1 family bathroom and 2 reception rooms. To get a house like that in our area is impossible on our budget so it makes sense to stay and convert. Will we make more money on the house? Probably, but it depends on your area etc. Speak to an estate agent, they'll be able to advise.

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