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I think y architect has got it wrong - how do I tell him?

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Katymac · 15/08/2007 20:31

It's very tricky - I thought the design was fine, but I have had a HASAW consultant and there are real problems with the kitchen.

It is totally unsuitable and needs a major redesign

How do I tell him - do I just blurt it out?
Shoudl I explain the problems and ask him to work out a solution?
Should I show him the solution I have come up with?

I hate stuff like this I don't want to argue with him - but it won't work as it is

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Desiderata · 15/08/2007 20:34

Explain the problems and ask him to work out a solution.

He can't argue with HASAW.


sleepfinder · 15/08/2007 20:35

had a similar problem in the USA. The architect tried to redesign our kitchen in a way that meant the basement entrance was entirely blocked.

took him off the job but had to pay for his designs anyway. lesson learned the hard way

I would suggest you go through it with him and start by saying "I really need your advice on this one, can we find a solution..."

works sometimes...good luck!


jollymum · 15/08/2007 20:36

Jollymum's DH here.

Ask your Architect why, when he/she(?) knew what the kitchen was for, he/she designed something unsuitable. Then ask them what they propose to do about it, and DON'T let them charge you for the changes, it's their mistake.
(And I'm an Architect).

Jollymum here, Katymac, dh and you have spoken before about the nursery, hope things will work out.


Katymac · 15/08/2007 20:40

Aw thanks guys

I hate this sort of thing I really do

Both of us thought the kitchen would be fine, problem is this consultant (who used to be an EHO) says that it would be a fab domestic kitchen - but it doesn't cut it for a commercial kitchen.

Apparently carrying food deliveries and waste through the childrens play areas is not the done thing - it needs an external entrance at the very least - plus there is no room for commercial cookers/fridges/freezers plus all the bulk storage.

It's a nightmare

So I go in and explain the problems - not offering my suggestions for solving them?

OP posts:

contentiouscat · 15/08/2007 20:43

Could you write a letter/e-mail outlining your concerns and suggest you get together to discuss it further, I always put anything like this in writing so I had a record of what was said. If its his/her mistake then if they are any good they shouldnt charge you more.

Our architect was superb.


Katymac · 15/08/2007 20:58

Unfortunatley - he hasn't done a commercial kitchen before

Jollymum's DH - do you know anything about commercial kitchens?

OP posts:

contentiouscat · 15/08/2007 21:34

Well either he gets up to speed on what a commercial kitchen needs or you find a new architect (and dont pay him)


Katymac · 15/08/2007 21:37

The kitchen is a very small part of the building - I had an absolute nightmare finding anyone to do the damn buildimg -grr

OP posts:

Katymac · 17/08/2007 08:11

It went reasonably well

It also took 6 hours

Gosh that was hard

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