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Calling all Fife Mumsnetters! Anyone in Dunfermline area??

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HighlandFling · 14/08/2007 19:51

We are currently renting in Edinburgh, looking to buy, but it is SOOOOO expensive we are casting our nets further afield.

Can anyone tell me anything about Dunfermline please? Prices are more reasonable and i have seen a house on the net that looks interesting...

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated (on anywhere else in Fife for that matter!)

ps Someone at the weekend told me there was this amazing nursery somewhere in FIfe where they do everything outdoors in the woods. Very 'Ray Mears'! Does anyone know where this is/heard of it??


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HighlandFling · 14/08/2007 20:26


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HighlandFling · 15/08/2007 20:32

Bump!!! (last attempt to get some response before i come to the conclusion that the people of Fife have better things to do!!)

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Pruners · 15/08/2007 20:34

Message withdrawn


geordiemacminx · 15/08/2007 20:37

Come to south lanarkshire!!!


FromGirders · 15/08/2007 20:55

We're not in Fife (but might be in future) but I think this might be the nursery you're thinking of?

Went to a seminar they ran a few months ago (through the CM training group) and they did loads of cool stuff.


MrsSpoon · 01/09/2007 22:49

I've just seen this HighlandFling. I am in Dunfermline and came here purely by accident. DH got a job in Edinburgh and we more or less stuck a pin in the map and have been surprisingly happy here.

Pruners is right, the area is going through huge regeneration at the moment so if you visit to view the property you have your eye on you will find that most of the town has been dug up, however they tell us it is all for the best. We should eventually have a new shopping centre with better shops, a new bus station and the leisure centre is having 17 million spent on it. There is a new leisure centre at Duloch (near Tesco), plus two new primary Schools up there. Queen Anne High School has recently been rebuilt and I understand Dunfermline High is due a revamp.

We have been here for almost 10 years now and feel it is a town with loads going for it and lots more potential.

Prices are still reasonable although in the time we have been here we have seen a huge jump in the property market.

I don't know anything about the nursery but have it on good recommendation that Bumblebees is very good (although not outdoors, it's more traditional).

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