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If your house hadn't sold in a year surely you wouldn't put the price UP!

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StripeyKnickersSpottySocks · 14/08/2007 12:24

My mum's been trying to sell her house for over a year. Is now with the 3rd estate agent, all agents say its on for the right price and looking at other houses it seems to be priced ok. She did knock 15k off the price about 5months ago but has only had 1 person come to see it in the last 6months.

She's now reading about how much house prices have increased in the last year and thinks she ought to put the price up. Am I missing something, 'cos I think she's barmy.

OP posts:
aloha · 17/08/2007 11:32

OK, agree location makes a difference. STill think it is time to break out the turf and ditch the kitchen carpet absolutely and chance the living room one. The thing with families with young children, thy are too busy & knackered to want to bother with instand recarpeting and turfing. They just want to unleash the kids.

foxinsocks · 17/08/2007 11:47

I don't know anything about Lincoln but MargoandJerry, (as you know, I'm sure) Foxtons are not that well established in Teddington. THey sell here through their Kingston office and LOADS (I mean LOADS) of people walk down Teddington High Street and browse for property in the windows of the local estate agents so won't get to see her house.

If I was her, I would seriously consider having it on with another agent who has a presence on the High Street (she may want to multi agent if she's been on for a while - I really wouldn't only have it on with Foxtons). But that's just my opinion really.

Also, Teddington is completely dead in August. Everyone is away. It will pick up again in late September I imagine.

Who was she on with before? If you want someone sympathetic (estate agent wise) to have a look round then let me know.

I love that road. The houses are just gorgeous.

margoandjerry · 17/08/2007 11:51

Fox you are right about Foxtons who have been hypercrap btw. But it was on with one of the High St ones before - the one opposite Budgens! Sort of next to the Clothing Store. Can't remember the name.

They got loads of viewers but no offers. Has been on since March...Mum eventually got won over by Foxtons hard sell who have been entirely useless and as you say, they have very little presence in Teddington. It's also on with Kingston Foxtons which I think is a mistake as people in Kingston are thinking about Kingston schools not Richmond Borough Schools...

Thanks for the nice feedback though! She is feeling very downhearted.

foxinsocks · 17/08/2007 11:58

oh it is awful when it hangs around on the market (and a strain keeping it immaculate all the time!).

as much as I don't necessarily approve of their tactics, Dexters and Milestone are moving property fairly quickly round here at the moment.

A lot of the estate agents are hyper aggressive because they know they can make a killing on the commission grrrrr.

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