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If your house hadn't sold in a year surely you wouldn't put the price UP!

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StripeyKnickersSpottySocks · 14/08/2007 12:24

My mum's been trying to sell her house for over a year. Is now with the 3rd estate agent, all agents say its on for the right price and looking at other houses it seems to be priced ok. She did knock 15k off the price about 5months ago but has only had 1 person come to see it in the last 6months.

She's now reading about how much house prices have increased in the last year and thinks she ought to put the price up. Am I missing something, 'cos I think she's barmy.

OP posts:
StripeyKnickersSpottySocks · 14/08/2007 14:46

And the pond is tiny, its 2ft square and could be filled in in 10mins.

OP posts:
Dropdeadfred · 14/08/2007 14:46

wow is that the price near Lincoln these days?
I used to live in Lincolnshire when house prices were soooo cheap ..

RubySlippers · 14/08/2007 14:47

if she won't do it then she may have to accept an offer on the basis that people will have to do the work themselves

NadineBaggott · 14/08/2007 14:48

People want so much for their money these days.

She's knocked 15 grand off you say? Well i reckon she could spend a couple of grand neutralising everywhere and updating a bit, get rid of the rugs they make the room look smaller, buy a cheap plain neutral carpet and you could put the 15 grand back on no trouble (imho)

lemonaid · 14/08/2007 14:49

Well, yes, they can do it. Or they can buy another house where they don't have to. (I know I'm preaching to the converted with you).

Do you think she really wants to move, emotionally?

wheresthehamster · 14/08/2007 14:57 will tell you how much specific houses have sold for in the area.

Peachy · 14/08/2007 14:59

I think lemonaid has a good point about whether she wants to move

Persoanlly I wouldn't go for this house- pond is a huge no-no for me, and no playing area so that would wipe it out.

Agree with consider another estate agent- they're not working for their money at all are they?

UnquietDad · 14/08/2007 14:59

Problem is, if someone is trying to sell, and they want to buy a house which is higher up the chain, that kind of house will have increased in price.

There's also the "BMW effect". You know - they couldn't sell BMWs until they put the price up.

fedupwasherwoman · 14/08/2007 15:03

If she's that keen on the red carpet, take it up carefully and tell her it can be relaid in a smaller room in the property she will be moving to. (I'm assuming that she is downsizing).

If there is a nice double oven in the kitchen ensure the view of the room includes this.

Seriously though in respect of the garden, I have children and would be in the market for a 4 bed house and I'd definately want a lawn in place already. You can't be doing with all the hassle of relandscaping if you've got small children and you are spending that much money.

She is being very unrealistic to expect an older couple to want a maintenance free garden on a 4 bed house, families are going to be the largest part of your targeted housebuyers.

Why is she moving ?

MrsDoolittle · 14/08/2007 15:08

Absolutely barmy.
For not much more wouldn't every one much rather have this?

I know I would

margoandjerry · 14/08/2007 15:09

My mum has had the same problem. House has been on for several months with one lot - had 30 viewings but no offers. Is now on with Foxtons and has had 1 viewing

Really don't know why as it's in the catchment area for one of the best primaries in the country and Teddington is hyper-desirable now.

Sounds like the current agent is crap - not enough photos on the website for a start. Think I would be tempted to add a lawn and take up the rug but otherwise, not much more to do.

My mum has already done everything in that line and still getting nowhere. Look here if anyone is interested in giving me Ann Maurice style feedback too. Price has also been reduced and believe it or not, is now a really good price for Teddington.

Don't want to hijack though. Just to add that the estate agent said family homes are tough to sell right now. Could be just excuses though.

StripeyKnickersSpottySocks · 14/08/2007 15:11

She says she's desperate to move as she and dad are divorcing, he's moved out and is renting. They need to sell the house so they can buy 2 smaller props.

She says she wants to move asap so she no longer has to have any contact with dad.

OP posts:
StripeyKnickersSpottySocks · 14/08/2007 15:13

Mrs Doolittle - totally agree that house is much nicer. Don't know if you know Lincoln though but mum's house is near the cathedral where house prices are more. That other house is the other side of town. Obviously not everyone will be bothered, I expect a lot of people would rather pay the same and get a bigger house even if not near the cathedral.

OP posts:
MrsDoolittle · 14/08/2007 15:21

I know what you are saying Stripyknickers, but I think most of us are making the point that most likely buyers will be families.
The kind of house I have linked to would appeal much more to families. It already to move into without needing any further cash for refurbishing. Families are unlikely to worry about their position in the town unless they can't drive, in which case they may not be able to afford a £350 plus property.

An older couple moving inot a four bedroom house are in fact more likely to want a garden, particularly if they're retired.

Unfortunately you Mum is just not seeing straight. I sympathise with you, really I do, I've been through something similar with my parents this year. Their house was on the market for 2 years!! Admittedly it was a very individual house.

StripeyKnickersSpottySocks · 14/08/2007 15:24

I'll try talking to mum again about the garden.

OP posts:
StripeyKnickersSpottySocks · 14/08/2007 15:25

Thanks everyone btw for your advice, been really helpful.

MargoandJerry - I think your parents' house is gorgeous. I was a bit at the price but I suppose thats London/South prices for you.

OP posts:
hertsnessex · 14/08/2007 15:40

margoandjerry, love your mums house, unless there is a bad estate or something v v close i cant see why its not selling.


UnquietDad · 14/08/2007 15:54

It always amazes me when people let purely cosmetic stuff stand in the way of buying a house.

You can understand it if the roof is falling in or the third bedroom is a box, but so flipping what if the kitchen lino's minging or the living-room is painted the wrong shade of taupe? Do people have no imagination?? All these houses would have been snapped up within weeks in S10 or S11. Although probably not quite at thiose prices.

SleeplessInTheStaceym11House · 14/08/2007 16:28

SKSS i would say shes a bit barmy for wanting to put the price up but the hosue is lovely!!!!

cant see how people can be put off by carpet as you're more than likely gunna rip that up!!

the kitchen does look new but is definately not being shown off to its full potential, it would be better without the pic so people cant be put off iykwim and can then view for themselves (hopefully)

garden i would have to say needs doing. were house hunting at and you try keeping a 2.9yo and 9mo in for 3 weeks while you landscape the garden when they've never had a garden before and are desperate to get out, it really needs to be done iykwim!

hope it goes well!

LIZS · 14/08/2007 16:30

Stripey , poor you and your mum , been there done that re: parents. The trouble with the lounge is not what it is in itself,(agree it would n't necessarily cost a lot to have a new carpet) but what it suggests about the other rooms you aren't seeing. Definitely more pics req'd highlighting the positives of other rooms and maybe a lighter rug (cheapy cream one from Ikea) could break it up better than the dark one. lookign at the agrden is it possible to turf over the upper bit, that alone would make it seem less harsh and more family orientated. hth

LIZS · 14/08/2007 16:32

oh and my impression would be that the bathroom is likely to be a coloured suite and tiles in need of change

StripeyKnickersSpottySocks · 14/08/2007 17:59

See what you're saying. I think all the rooms are maybe a bit like the sitting room, not highly fashionable but quite neutral (apart from carpets) and just need a simple repaint if thats what you want.

OP posts:
WideWebWitch · 14/08/2007 20:35

Margoandjerry, I love your mum's house. OP, I agree with other posters about your mum's house.

margoandjerry · 14/08/2007 21:07

Thanks for all the nice messages. She's getting very downhearted because so many people have seen the house and walked away...

Stripeyknickers, it's hard isn't it, when a house won't sell. Really tough for all concerned. I can understand why she wants to put the price up tbh - I don't think my mum should cut her house price any more either (not quite the same but sort of the same). She's not even getting any offers which makes me think the right people just haven't seen the house yet. Maybe it's the same with your mum's house.

From reading the other posts, turfing a bit of the garden seems like the best bet. I think the garden is lovely but I suppose most people do want lawn. Maybe she should take it off the market, do a few things to it over the "summer" and start again in September with a new agent. Certainly the agents are not making great efforts.

tatt · 15/08/2007 07:31

you don't have to spend 3k to have a bit of lawn down. Rake the gravel off, water the bit underneath well and put some turf down yourself. You need a board to stand on while you do it and if you order it from a local supplier shouldn't cost more than a couple of pounds a metre strip. Ideally you'd aerate what's under the gravel a bit to help the roots. Although its simple to do most people don't want to be bothered, don't have the vision to see what can be done and will just look away.

I'd fire that photographer, the pictures are too honest for an estate agent's website.

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