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Kirby Cross/Frinton on Sea/Walton

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Genidef · 13/08/2007 21:53

I've posted this in Chat but not getting anywhere...I'm hoping I'll do better in this section.

Can anyone advise about these areas- We are considering a possible move. I would still be commuting to London three days a week.

Are we crazy to consider this? Perhaps it should be, exactly how crazy are we to consider this.

Loads of young families on the beach at the weekend. Do they all go home and leave the place dead during the week?

Thoughts mucho appreciated!!

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Fimbo · 14/08/2007 14:55



Genidef · 14/08/2007 23:41

thanks fimbo...still nothing

OP posts:

Genidef · 20/08/2007 23:41

I really can't believe - but this is what I feared - that not a soul knows anything at all about these areas. Wish I were moving to Lewes...

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purpleflower · 20/08/2007 23:51

Hi not much help but didn't want to leave you unanswered. All I know really is that commuting to london might be a bit of a pain in the arse if you are going by train as its not on the main line.

Sorry I'm not that much help but I haven't been near there for years.

Good Luck

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