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What happens next????

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Arransmummy · 13/08/2007 14:09

We have had a couple put in a full asking price offer 6 weeks ago on our house. Since then they have had a survey done which has resulted in them finding some damp in the house.

I've had the damp proof contractor in this morning to investigate and he said that he will send a report to their solicitor / estate agents / mortage provider etc. He has said that we have quite a lot of damp but that we have nothing to worry about.

Does anyone know what happens next, will their mortgage provider still authorise the mortgage?

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PinkChick · 13/08/2007 14:21

do you have a dpc course through the house?..this can be passed onto the company as their product has failed..or something which happend to me, i had cooker/dryer/washer all on at same time, with clothes on radiators and tea on the hob..surveyor found damp, which later turned out to be condensation due to all the appliances /steam i had on..did they say where and what type of damp it was?


PinkChick · 13/08/2007 14:22

oh and re the buyer, it may scare them off sadley or they will try and reduce your asking wise to negotiate esp if you do haev a lot of damp imo.HTH


Tanee58 · 13/08/2007 14:27

Hi - good luck with your sale. It largely depends on the provider. They will probably want to renegotiate the price, depending on the extent of the damp and the possible cost of installing a damp course. You may want to seek your own advice on it, though, as I've heard of damp proofing companies saying that a damp course is necessary, when all that needs to be done is lowering the outside ground level (it may have breached your existing course) or removing vegetation that's against the outer walls - climbers and such.

A builder once told me there was nothing to worry about, on a house we were thinking of buying - and then sent us a quote for 7K BEFORE including the cost of damp-proofing. We had to withdraw from the sale. Finally found a much nicer house nearby, so these things tend to turn out for the best...


Arransmummy · 13/08/2007 15:39

Thanks for the replies. We did know that we had some damp but didn't realise to that extent. He has quoted £2000 plus vat. He said it has got something to do with us having a concrete floor on the ground floor and that the plasterboard has been dug down to deep so therefor is seeping up water from under the house . Don't really know what to think as the house is 100 years old so you would expect some damp.

I will need to check our deeds as they hold the guarantee for the damp proofing that was done previously.

Thanks again for your replies.

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