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farnborough/Aldershot/fleet - any info anyone?

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oaktree · 13/08/2007 12:58

Need to move somewhere round these areas for DH's work but don't know much about them. decent infant schools main thing.

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BreeVanDerCampLGJ · 13/08/2007 12:59

Not sure about infant schools, but out of all them I would chose Fleet.


oaktree · 13/08/2007 13:03

any particular reason? TIA

OP posts:

BreeVanDerCampLGJ · 13/08/2007 13:07

This is only my opinion.

Farnborough is big and soulless and parts of Aldershot are dog rough.


IgglePiggleWoo · 13/08/2007 13:10

Have you tried - that will give you info on localities and links to Ofsted website for school reports.

I live near all these places and would also say Fleet is nicest of the three. Aldershot probably cheapest but very much an army garrison town - so in schools you would have frequesnt changes of friends to contend with, as army dads are posted away and families move on. Also Aldershot can be quite rough at night - squaddies ! I wouldn't walk through there alone at night !

Farnborough is OK - but a bit soulless in my opinion. Excellent secondary schools there though.

Fleet is just very family based - loads to do with young children, just on the whole a nicer place to bring children up I think.


IgglePiggleWoo · 13/08/2007 13:11

Ah crossposted with Bree - funny we both chose soulless as the word to describe Franborough !


misspiggy · 13/08/2007 13:12

I agree with you Bree.

What's your budget like oaktree? It may be worth looking a bit further out into Surrey / Berkshire perhaps Camberley or Sandhurst way. They're just up the A331 from Aldershot and Farborough so not too much further for a daily commute.


oaktree · 13/08/2007 13:18

thanks - yes thougth Aldershot had a reputatian for being a bit rough. budget is the sticking point - prob £400 max. I know I want to live in somewhere that will proably be double what we can afford!!!!

OP posts:

IgglePiggleWoo · 13/08/2007 13:23

£400K will be fine if you're not looking for a mansion ! How many beds do you want ? You could def get 3 good beds for that - and 4 beds in some not too bad areas too !

Fleet has lots of nice older streets with good gardens !


hippipotami · 13/08/2007 16:33

I live near(ish) those areas too and agree with all that has been said.
Avoid Aldershot. One of dh's colleagues lives there and wishes he didn't. It is rough.
Farnborough has some nice and some not so nice areas.
Fleet is the best out of the 3. And I think with your budget you should find some nice houses (but not mansions )

Enjoy your search!


sweetheart · 13/08/2007 16:45

Fleet is definatly the nicest of the 3. Was going to suggest for investment purposes Aldershot might be the way to go as the army are moving out BUT as you have £400k to spend I'd stick with Fleet.

Farnborough is undergoing a major revamp as is nearby Camberley. Camberley is also probably nicer than Farnborough and Fleet (steer clear of the old dean estate!)

On the whole Fleet has brilliant school's - there are favorites depending on what level your require. Cove is probably better than Farnborough I'd say.


castlesintheair · 13/08/2007 16:51

I know the area pretty well. I even went to 2 schools in Fleet and they were excellent, though they may not be now! Agree with others, Fleet definitely the nicest. Some great villages nearby & schools if you want a more country feel.

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