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what would you do?

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kbaby · 06/08/2007 22:00

Long one.

We viewed a house we like which was at the top end of our budget. We umed and arhed for a few days and the vendor said she would pay stamp duty and also part exchange with ours, anyway we put an offer in below the asking price which was declined. In the mean time someone else offered the asking price(typical as it had been on the market 6 months with no offers)

What I know is that the buyer has 2 houses to sell, the 1st house will be part exchanged and the other house they need to sell.
Would I be too cheeky if I contacted the vendor and told them that we would be willing to give asking price, based on the fact that they may be after a quick move and so would just need to part exchange ours or would I be out of order and feel guilty for the people who are hoping to buy the house?

OP posts:

AlbusPercivalWulfricBrianSun · 06/08/2007 22:04

Don't feel guilty just go for it.


fizzylemonade · 08/08/2007 09:19

Just offer the asking price and no more, if you are in the better position than the other buyers then it should be yours. We did this as first time buyers over someone who had a property to sell. But we would never have got into a bidding war.

I believe in fate, go for it.


mistlethrush · 08/08/2007 09:22

You're not doing anything wrong and its how the housing market works - they have to decide which offer to accept. Go for it.

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