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Viewings.. is it normal for estate agents..

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Martha200 · 03/08/2007 21:26

to show more than one viewer around at the same time?

Until now it's been one viewer at a time, but tomorrow they are having two couples at the same time (unless I misheard.. I hate taking calls at really not so great times with children around etc so didn't think to ask until after the call and I was reflecting!)

OP posts:

crokky · 03/08/2007 21:30

I think they do overlap appointments sometimes.

However I do not personally approve of this as it is hard to look at a house properly when there are other people looking as well. I also think it is rather aggressive towards the buyers making them think they better offer quickly/a high price etc. It is better for people to look calmly and make an offer if they love it, regardless of anyone else. A bit unprofessional IMHO!

However, the agent works for you so if you are happy with it, then fine, if not, tell them not acceptable.


ninedragons · 04/08/2007 11:22

As crokky says, it's an evil strategy to panic buyers.

I read an article in the Times a few weeks ago about how open viewings are becoming the norm in London. They're standard in Australia - everyone who wants to see a place has to come in the same 45-minute slot on a Saturday afternoon, so you're herded in with everyone else and start checking out the other people's watches and cars and other income cues, and mentally raising your offer to compete.

My mother went to see a flat in Sydney that we were interested in last week (we are in Shanghai and can't get back in time). The viewing was jammed, and when she went back today to tie up a few loose ends for us, she overheard the agent telling people that it was expected to go for 25% more than he'd been telling everyone last week.

I think we are just going to pull out. We're probably the reason he's jacked up the price - he's thought oooh, goodie, I've got expats on the hook, they always have more money than sense, but I'm so furious that we've been running around for a week getting our solicitor to go through the contract and lining up power of attorney so my mother can bid at the auction for us that I'm starting to think f*ck you, you slimy agent bastard.

Sorry - I just took over your thread and made it about me. I just found out about this 25% price hike half an hour ago and I'm steaming mad.


Martha200 · 04/08/2007 12:00

Ninedragons - No wonder you're mad. I'd be too! I HATE the way the word expat sets off money bells in people's heads.. been there, experienced that.. it's damn frustrating!

In Sweden they do open houses too which I'd forgotton about, guess all I could visualise is how crowded the house might look with 5 adults wandering around it!! Less bodies might look like more space.. odd thinking I know

OP posts:

ninedragons · 04/08/2007 14:40

Ah yes, and I have just found out that the "Art Deco herringbone parquet floor" featured prominently in the advertising material would, according to the rules of the building, have to be covered with wall-to-wall carpet so the people downstairs don't get disturbed by the noise.

So the agent is a lying skunk and we are pulling out. I'm certainly mad enough to write to his boss and tell them not only are we pulling out of this because of the agent, we are going to take our overstuffed expat bank account elsewhere and would never buy anything through that agency. If he'll lie about the floor, I couldn't possibly trust him when he says the harbour view will never be built out.

Thanks for letting me take over your thread for my rant!


LyraBelacqua · 04/08/2007 15:19

The property market's gone so mad in my area that they don't do individual viewings any more, just one big open day where everyone looks at the same time. So the seller just has to clear out for a day, which must be more convenient.


Pruners · 04/08/2007 15:37

Message withdrawn

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