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What would you do????? (Long Post Sorry)

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Arransmummy · 02/08/2007 21:19

Here goes - migh be a long one!!

I moved from Scotland to England 5 years ago to be with OH. We have since bought a house and had a little boy. We have just sold our house on the presumption that we would move back up to Scotland (to please my mother!!) We have now seen a really nice house down here within our price range.

MIL and I don't really see eye to eye as she never comes to see our little boy and takes no interest in our lives (she lives round the corner from us just now), whereas my parents dote on our little boy and would love to see him all the time.

The problem is houses up there are not really that nice and for the same price we can have a really nice one down here.

Do I stay down here, have a really nice house and just visit my parents more or have a bog standard house in Scotland and happy parents? What would you do???

OP posts:

floopowder · 02/08/2007 22:12

Hard one, would your mam and dad understand if you stayed in England or would they be really hurt. Maybe when your lad is older he could go and stay with your parents for long holidays so that they could see more of him and what about letter writing, that is old hat know but the joy of getting a letter is so good.


fridayschild · 02/08/2007 22:24

Surely the question is what makes you happy, not the grandparents?

Though a happy DS might impact on how happy you were - my parents are 500 miles away in Aberdeen, and my boys would love it if they lived nearby (assuming they moved the farm down here too- don't know that a London terrace would be as much fun)


Arransmummy · 02/08/2007 22:44

I think i'm going to have to go with the nice house. OH has voiced some concerns tonight about moving so far ie - jobs, houses, friends etc. I know that I have already made the move once and found a job, house and friends but i think it would be much harder for him to move as he is much close to his friends than i was with mine. I think in my head I know that it is right and that my parents would understand. I think it's just the initial disappointment from them as they have geared themselves up for us moving.

Looks like I might have to make an upsetting phonecall to parents next week!!

Thanks for your replies

OP posts:

Martha200 · 03/08/2007 21:55

I would definitely go with what you would prefer to do!!

They could always come and visit too, not just you always doing the trips (something I am very strict about with my parents


bubblepop · 03/08/2007 22:54

i suppose it depends on the relationship you have with your mum.i live right near to mine, and yes we get on well and i love her to bits but sometimes i think it would be better if we did'nt see quite so much of oneanother iyswim. just a thought.


hotchocscot · 03/08/2007 22:59

are your parents fit and well and able to travel often? we moved recently nearer my parents (who are elderly) and the joy of seeing a bond grow week by week with ds is lovely. He adores going for a walk with grandpa in their garden and sitting on grandma's knee playing clap. Yes, a nice house is appealing, but i wouldn't swop my basic flat and amazing memories of my child and my parents loving each other for any piece of property, i'm afraid! it gives a richness to both their and his lives i believe.

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