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how can I fit three children in a room this size...

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elliot3 · 01/08/2007 20:34

it's 9'6 x 9'3 with cam ceilings- anyone know of any wonder bunk bed system or anything else I could do or am I living in fantasy land here?

OP posts:

expatinscotland · 01/08/2007 20:36

I would say you are living in fantasy land.


MadEyeMisdee · 01/08/2007 20:36

thats bigger than my girls bedroom. all three are in there now.

i have a set of bunk beds and a ikea vikare bed for the smallest dd3. they have one chest of drawers for underwear and pj's, and some toy storage. the rest of their stuff is in my room.


Loopymumsy · 01/08/2007 20:37

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

fingerwoman · 01/08/2007 20:40

what's a cam ceiling? how old are your children?
if you have those teeny junior beds you should be fine


MadEyeMisdee · 01/08/2007 20:41

yes, am also wondering what cam ceiling means lol.


SeamonstEr · 01/08/2007 20:42

i saw a picture in ikea of a loft bed along one wall, a middle height bed under it, [but at 90 degrees] along another wall, and finally a divan bed with a mattress topper on it under that but directly under the tallest bed.
unfortunatly it was ages ago so i can't show you it.


PenelopePitstops · 01/08/2007 20:42

you can get triple bunk beds with double on the bottom and single bed on top

my friend used to live in the tiniest room with ehr 2 sisters and one of these beds

bottom of page here

this for 3 on top of each other

or even a bunk bed with a slide oout matressunder the bed for night times.


MadEyeMisdee · 01/08/2007 20:45

i love that triple bunk bed one of top of the other. my celiings arent very high so that isnt an option.

the bunk we have is actually a loft bed which is 200cm high and dd1 says its too high. so when dh is better and she can move back into her room, i am replacing the three beds in that room with just a set of short bunks.


RubyRioja · 01/08/2007 20:47

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

elliot3 · 01/08/2007 20:49

cam ceiling - maybe that's not how you spell it - sloping on either side,like an attic. Thanks for those suggestions . Expat - have you been speaking to my dh?

OP posts:

mustrunmore · 01/08/2007 20:49

Ds1 loves the single over double in Ikea. He had a great plan for me and dh to take the double, and he sleeps above us in the single

That triple; how on earth would you change the sheets easily on the top one?


MadEyeMisdee · 01/08/2007 20:50

with a step ladder lol.

dd1 bed is just over 200cm high, i use a step ladder and get her to help me lol.


fingerwoman · 01/08/2007 20:51

in fact, my mum used to share a room with her 2 sisters and they all had single beds, in a row side by side,
a small single bed is usually 2'6 wide isn't it? so you should be able to do that.


mustrunmore · 01/08/2007 20:52

God no,I'm far too lazy The boys have a plastic door curtain thing as a rom divivder, and how i hate it when they pull it down and I have to bal lance on the very very small rocking horse to hang it back up


fingerwoman · 01/08/2007 20:53

get 3 of these


southeastastra · 01/08/2007 20:57

i shared a room with my 2 sisters, we had bunk beds (i got the bottom ) and one single.

i liked sharing with them

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