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JillJ72 · 01/08/2007 15:37

Fuming, absolutely fuming. Selling a shared ownership property. 4 weeks after accepted an offer, the buyer decides to pull out. We have draft contracts for the property we're purchasing, were working to a move date of 24 August.

Our estate agents are being a complete PITA, claim they didn't know buyer had pulled out - yeah, probably because they haven't been in touch with anyone.

Looks like we're going to lose the house we're buying - it's gone back on the market. Really cross because we don't have the money to do this all again. Desperately trying to get a new buyer. Going to 'sack' the agents tomorrow and go elsewhere.

Rant not over but I'll leave it there for now.

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Twiglett · 01/08/2007 15:42

check your contracts thoroughly if you signed anything to ensure you don't have to pay them even if selling elsewhere


JillJ72 · 01/08/2007 15:44

Certainly will do. They're so slippery (apologies to estate agents who have integrity). Thanks!

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Tortington · 01/08/2007 15:44

yeah i'm pissed of with estate agents at the mo - wanted to rip of their heads and shit doen their necks - but it would cost me £200 to pull out. fucking twatmonkeys


Twiglett · 01/08/2007 15:45


I meant to say sorry & what a bugger .. really stressful selling and buying .. you have my sympathy


Tortington · 01/08/2007 15:46

yeah i meant to say that too


RubySlippers · 01/08/2007 15:46

i will grr with you
we were due to exchange on a property and the person we were buying from pulled out with no warning/explanation
very frustrating
we are trying to hang on to our buyers and find somewhere else
you have my sympathies


LIZS · 01/08/2007 15:49

Unfortunately that happens Our potential buyers pulled out just after measuring up, having had surveys etc . You may find you are required to give the agents notice, check your contract carefully as you don't want them claiming fees later on for not having done anything if your new agent is more successful.


Twiglett · 01/08/2007 15:52


JillJ72 · 01/08/2007 16:08

Our English system is an ass. It would be an easier pill to swallow if monies were recompensated back to those left in the mire. But ah no, it's like getting a loan from the bank and throwing it down a drain. Bye bye solicitor's money, bye bye mortgage money, bye bye lots of money.

The house we would like to buy (haha) was on the market a few weeks before our offer was accepted so we can but slightly vaguely hope. Think we're going to say it's a lost cause unless proven otherwise. Still no news from our estate agents. Diabolical. Doesn't matter how much our house costs, we're still customers.

Contract says 14 days notice. We will go in tomorrow and argue the toss on that one - they have done nothing since 2 July. But still, if they refuse to acquiese in order to appease us, and give us a very large dollop of reassurance - and mean it (ha!) - we will have a notice letter ready to serve.

Thank you for the welcomes. It's the wrong way to say this but I'm glad I'm not the only one... as in at least I'm not the only one grrring and huffing and puffing and sighing and getting carried away with nasty daydreams about what to do to people who leave one in the mire.... Tossers the lot of 'em.

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