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Soffits, fascias etc - v.confused

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MuffinMclay · 30/07/2007 15:12

Is the wooden board that goes round the top of older houses (just below the roof, underneath the drain pipe) called a soffit, a fascia, or something else altogether?

Ours needs replacing, and I don't know what to say needs doing when I phone someone. I don't want to sound too much like a useless woman when I call.

OP posts:
PinkChick · 30/07/2007 15:14

fascia board is the flat bit that comes down from roof down a bit of the wall..the sofft is the bit which go's from roof..straight out to the peak of underside of roof(makes a kind of 90degree angle shape if you look from side

PinkChick · 30/07/2007 15:15

yours is a fascia, if you house is like mine(1940's big bay windowed semi) you wont fit soffits on as roofs are designed differently.

MuffinMclay · 30/07/2007 15:17

My goodness that was quick! So it is the fascia board that I need replacing (I think).

Better dig out the yellow pages...

OP posts:
PinkChick · 30/07/2007 15:18

think so, is it the bit coming down top of wall from roof and is your guttering attatched to it?

MuffinMclay · 30/07/2007 15:20

It is a Victorian semi, with big bay windows.

OP posts:
PinkChick · 30/07/2007 15:20 ttp:// ev=/images%3Fq%3Dfascia%2Bboard%26gbv%3D2%26svnum%3D10%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DG her you go chick, a detailed explanation

PinkChick · 30/07/2007 15:20

front facing is fasia, underside is soffit

PinkChick · 30/07/2007 15:21

ooh it similar to mine then you prob wont need soffit, recently had mine done and it wouldnt go on..where are you, i have one or two good roofers

MuffinMclay · 30/07/2007 15:21

Now I'm even more confused. Could be a barge board. We don't have the sort of box structure that you see in that pictures, just drain pipe with a wooden boad behind.

OP posts:
MuffinMclay · 30/07/2007 15:22

I'm in Nort Herts.

OP posts:
Gizmo · 30/07/2007 15:23

Fascia lies flat to the wall, soffit forms the underside of the eaves as you look up...
obvious, huh?

PinkChick · 30/07/2007 15:24

so this wood go's across the top of wall of your house just below roof and your drain pipe and guttering are attatched /go across it?

Gizmo · 30/07/2007 15:24

Oh God It seems thread has moved on a bit since I typed that...

PinkChick · 30/07/2007 15:27

thin of it like fascia=face..the part thats is out turned toward the outside of house, fronting out.

MuffinMclay · 30/07/2007 15:31

pinkchick - that is exactly it.

OP posts:
PinkChick · 30/07/2007 15:32

ta go talk turkey with some rough bloky types about what width and trim youre after
BTW im in teesside so im no good to you for recomendations..sorry

MuffinMclay · 30/07/2007 15:33

bit too far, but thank you.

OP posts:
PinkChick · 30/07/2007 15:35

LOL, just get 2 or three round for quote tell them you need your fascia boards can get wooden or upvc, depending on your windows wood is more expensive i think?, but my cousin(roofer) did mine so cant really guess, i got mates rate as he did all guttering and pipework too

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