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Can't sleep or concentrate - heart ruling head over possible property purchase

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KalunaLoveGood · 26/07/2007 00:04

feeling sick with anticipation, will know this week if I have become the possible next owner of my 'forever' home or not.

Have a completed chain behind me, have offered over the guide price (hence heart purchase)

please please please, let it be mine

OP posts:

hesta · 26/07/2007 01:23

i did the same. have never regretted it, hope you're asleep now. what will be will be. sleep well


Leati · 26/07/2007 01:32

Please, Please, Please...let it be hers. Good Luck.


hesta · 26/07/2007 01:33

leati, you following me. not that I'm not pleased if you are....


KalunaLoveGood · 27/07/2007 13:38

Still waiting - feeling sicker every minute.

Should know today - other members of chain are already mooting a 6 week til completion from acceptance deadline

OP posts:

EdieMcredie · 30/07/2007 10:47

Did you get it?


KalunaLoveGood · 01/08/2007 20:19

sigh .... on Monday morning they offered me a contracts race, which I am now participating in. It's stressful and potentially expensive if I lose !

OP posts:

lulabelle · 10/08/2007 13:39

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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