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£35,000 rough quote for a one up / down extension in Lancashire , is this average price?

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LilyLoo · 25/07/2007 17:24

Just no idea about how much it will cost had plans drawn up and got this quote today. Just wondered if it is reasonable for an extension abour half width of our house, which is a new build so not very large.

OP posts:
FioFio · 25/07/2007 17:26

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SpamFritter · 25/07/2007 17:39

We had a single storey (plus some interior remodelling) for £20k. with pitched, tiled roof. 2 storeys should be less than double that.

Get a couple more quotes and be careful to state if you want more than a 'standard' finish. Eg deeper skirting boards or a particular interior door as the 'extras' all add up.

coleyboy · 25/07/2007 17:44

Depends what design you have. Dormas, velux windows, types of foundations, work affecting the structural integrity of the original building etc etc will all add to the price.

Get quotes from other firms, use companies that others recommend, and don't go with the cheapest if it is a lot cheaper than the others.

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