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How hard do you think it ould be to fit ventian blinds ?

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Hideehi · 14/07/2007 20:00

I've been quoted £700 by hilary's blinds, including fitting, just had a quick look in the next catalogue and it would cost about £200 but obviously I need to fit them, has anyone done this themselves ?

OP posts:
southeastastra · 14/07/2007 20:07

yes a few times, it isn't that bad, just mark the exact places where to drill with a pencil. 700 quid is alot

winestein · 14/07/2007 20:08

Look at before you buy from next. I can vouch for the quality and they are dirt cheap (relatively).

We had some for the front windows which is a segmented bay. DP had to hacksaw each blind (6) down on each side to fit, which was a nightmare.

To hang them, it is a doddle!

winestein · 14/07/2007 20:09

oooooh! 70% off wooden blinds atm!!

blinds2go · 17/07/2007 08:42

Thanks for the kind words.

Venetian blinds are very easy to fit, if you would like me to send you a sample of our instructions [should apply to almost all blinds on the market] just drop me an email to [email protected]

Also we now offer a trimming service on most of our blinds, for £5.95 we trim the width for you!

MamaGryffindor · 17/07/2007 09:01

blinds2go did you google yourself?

winestein · 17/07/2007 09:20

Oooh, do I get a discount for the recommendation? And £5.95 to trim the width is well worth investing in [fawn]

Lol at MamaG. I don't suppose your surname is Ronson, by any chance, is it Mark?

marymeanwhile · 25/11/2007 14:09

I just ordered some honeycomb blinds from Blinds2go on the basis of this discussion and now I'm fawning too! We used the trimming service on all four blinds and it was well worth it. Just take your time measuring and have someone else double check it. So easy to hang and it looks like a million bucks. There was a 'buy one get one free' deal on so vv cheap.

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