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Anyone installed electric underfloor heating themselves - needs tips and advice

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Malaleche · 02/07/2007 23:09

We're renovating a house and thinking of putting underfloor heating in the bathrooms. Looking at the electric type as cable or matted cable - any tips?

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LyraB · 02/07/2007 23:18

No tips, but we've got it in our tiled kitchen and it's a godsend in the winter. You can buy kits from Wickes with instructions.

Malaleche · 02/07/2007 23:37

Thanks Lyra - yes am looking at Wickes kits. anyone know if the floor level has to be adjusted in relation to adjacent non-heated rooms?

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Malaleche · 02/07/2007 23:37

I mean does the heating element take up room that requires the floor level to be lowered first before installing it?

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LyraB · 02/07/2007 23:47

The one we've got, and i think it's the cheapest of the lot (installed by previous owners) just involved laying thin cables underneath your flooring, so no need to adjust flooring levels.
Are you having tiles? Our wires are embedded in the tile adhesive and the heat spreads through it and into the tiles. Takes a little while to warm up in winter.

mummylin2495 · 03/07/2007 16:43

If you have standard size bathroom the matted type is the best choice,but if its an odd shape you wll be better off with cable type,If it is wooden floor boards,,you have to put plywood down to stop movement of the tiles and then, using self leveling compound
over the element you then tile the floor.If the floor is concrete,you then have to put insulation board down,then follow the same procedure.This stops the element heating the concrete so i will heat the tiles.This is from my dh who is an electrician ,hope it makes sense to you any further info dont hesitate to ask.

Malaleche · 03/07/2007 21:03

thanks mummylin and lyra!

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