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Nice villages to live in Northampton?

14 replies

polarlight · 27/09/2018 15:51

Hello, we are looking to relocate to Northampton, not too far from a station and prefer a village to town. Can anyone advise on good areas? Some places look quite mixed in terms of housing e.g. Spratton? Chapel Brampton? Welford? Priority is peace and quiet! Thanks.

OP posts:
Patienceofatoddler · 27/09/2018 16:19

St Giles Park area of Duston is quite nice close enough to surrounding Country side - pretty quiet but close enough to amenities.

Access via M1 Jn 16 so don't need to drive through town.

Good access to train station with busses / cycling (15 mins) or driving although no idea what parking is like in town.

Bea3998273 · 27/09/2018 16:27

Depends what your budget is and what you're looking for in terms of number of bedrooms etc. Long Buckby is a village with a train station and there are plenty of villages in that area but it can be pricey.

polarlight · 27/09/2018 19:29

Thanks for your suggestions, I'll have a look into these. Budget is about 240k which I know prices us out of some places, but happy to compromise on space for a nice area with less chance of any trouble or antisocial behaviour as I've experienced that before and it makes life a misery. Thanks :)

OP posts:
Patienceofatoddler · 27/09/2018 21:17

Maybe join some local FB groups and ask for opinions on areas?

There a Mum to Mum Northamptonshire page you could ask there :-)

We have certainly had no issues where we are but I know other areas do (Going by local FB groups) and I certainly wouldn't want to live 'in' Northampton town itself personally as we are both originally country dwellers. We rented here after selling our last house then purchased less than 0.5 mile from where we rented.

Also bare in mind where you are commuting to (London I'm guessing) as some of the village stations won't have the faster connections which Northampton Station has for example.

Good luck with your search.

Pretendingtobe · 05/10/2018 19:34

How many bedrooms are you looking for?
St Giles Park is nice, but more suburban than a village.
Kislingbury, or Bugbrooke could be an option. A lot of the villages are silly money.
Ask away. I've lived in Northamptonshire for most of my life.

Peaseblossom22 · 05/10/2018 19:38

Milton Malsor is nice , easy run to station and lovely primary school

CalmConfident · 05/10/2018 19:41

What school situation do you need?lots of village options but can be pricey.

Alwayscheerful · 05/10/2018 19:52

Chapel Brampton and all the Brampton's very upmarket, absolutely lovely.
Spatton is a pleasant village.
Welford is a bit of a strange village, think the environmental searches come back flagged, ant quite remember, maybe quarries etc.
Northamptonshire is a far reaching county, don't forget the villages that border Leicestershire and market Harborough, such as Clipston, some beautiful Northampton villages near MH.

wineymummy · 06/10/2018 07:03

This area was just on location location!

Gracecharlotte · 26/02/2024 23:08

We are looking at a potential move to Kislingbury or Harpole in Northamptonshire- could anyone advise whether these areas are nice?

annlee3817 · 27/02/2024 02:44

@Gracecharlotte both are nice villages, Harpole has a very popular scarecrow festival every year which the whole village seem to get involved in, gives a nice sense of community. It has a really good village primary school. It also has a nice pub that was recently refurbished.

Secondary school options if you need them are limited and over subscribed in that area.

Kislingbury is on the border of a country park, lovely village and a really good pub. Both aren't too far from big supermarkets, cinema, food places etc

I supposed it depends what you are looking for and what you want to be near to

Gracecharlotte · 27/02/2024 08:34

Thank you- that’s really helpful.
Our children are all past University now, so looking for nice dog walks , a good pub in the village and shops locally, but to live in a village, for a quieter environment.
we need train links to London, so I selected those as they are not too far from the station.
Thank you

Sailorchick14 · 27/02/2024 21:49

I grew up in Hartwell which is a lovely village south of Northampton. . Salcey forest on your doorstop and almost in the middle of Northampton and Milton Keynes so could use MK or Wolverton train station. Has a good village pub and shop

Gracecharlotte · 28/02/2024 07:47

Thank you, I appreciate all the feedback

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