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Heated floor with tiles better than heated floor with Karndean or other?

boyyo · 13/08/2018 10:06


We're entering the world of flooring and have made the decision to have Underfloor heating (wet) for flexibility and a general cosy feeling, and are now bouncing around between Engineered Oak floor...possibly mixed with ceramic decorative tiles around the kitchen into the mix Karndean..Polyfloor instead of the tiles but alongside the Engineered Oak...or even Karndean etc throughout the whole ground floor and no wood or ceramic tiles! pretty uncertain really!


1- Does a heated tiled floor really overcome the argument of cold floors created by a tiled floor, making Karndean or Wood no better?

2 - With short tiles of Karndean etc (typically 1.4m I think) does it look a bit too fusy when used in large areas unlike long lengths (2m) of Engineered wood planks?

3- Over a large area is it probable that repeat patterns would be easy to spot in Karndea..etc floors?

4- Does owning an Engineered floor really take more effort to keep looking OK over a Karndean type floor?

5- I'm guessing that Underfloor heating works brilliantly quickly compared to a thick Engineered floor in terms of getting to temperature?

Anyone able to chip in on any of these questions will be given my eternal thanks....cheers!

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