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Roof inspection for insurance?

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FeltHat · 02/02/2016 19:53

A condition of our buildings insurance is that we get an inspection of our flat roof done from a 'reputable contractor' to confirm it's in a decent condition. Trouble is, I can't find anyone willing to do one. Most roofers don't deal with flat roofs, those that do have said they can't do a report. I've contacted a few companies that specialise in homebuyers reports too but they've said they won't do one for insurance purposes. I've tried ratedpeople and got no replies. I've no concerns about the roof itself, we've had work done on it recently and it was fine but that guy wouldn't do a written report either.

Has anyone ever found themselves in this situation or got a recommendation of anyone that does these? We're in West London.

OP posts:
Quoteunquote · 02/02/2016 22:35

basically there are lots of building regs on flat roofs,

If you ring your local council and ask for building control to come and inspect your roof to make sure that it meets regulations, they should charge about £75 for the visit, the roof will then be signed off, and the insurance company will be happy.

FeltHat · 03/02/2016 19:29

The building is a hundred years old so I doubt it would meet building regs, presumably if I get them out they could then oblige me to do whatever it takes to meet current regs? I don't think the insurance company are as concerned about that, more that they're not about to get hit with a claim due to bad maintenance.

OP posts:
Susie16amdh · 25/08/2016 02:00

Hi there, the original post dates back 6 months but I came across it as am in the same position now and just wondered what you ended up doing about it? Thanks!

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