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Warming drawer - do you use yours much?

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LucyPie · 04/02/2015 13:28

Interested to hear thoughts from people who have warming drawers in their kitchen and which size you went for - the normal (14cm ish) or deep (28cm ish).

Do you use it a lot or was it just to make oven layout look better?

Thank you.

OP posts:
Gozogozo · 04/02/2015 22:32

I'm afraid that I cancelled my order as I decided it was a very expensive way of improving oven frontage.

DramaAlpaca · 04/02/2015 22:33

I don't have one and I really wish I did. If I was re-doing my kitchen I'd put one in.

Madeup5 · 04/02/2015 22:46

I have two! Yes use quite a lot, one for plates, other for warming food (both quite shallow would perhaps be better to have deep as I sometimes go to put things in which just don't fit!

5446 · 04/02/2015 22:50

We use ours all the time. Both warming the plates and also if people are late home from work etc.

Think we have just got the normal one, but fits 3 big plates very easily.

It's most useful on occasions, although we do use it every day.

BlackandGold · 04/02/2015 22:50

I have the shallower one and use it all the time for warming plates.

Have also used it to prove bread dough and it's always useful at Christmas to keep things warm.

I wasn't too bothered about it initially but DH wanted one and now I wouldn't be without it.

SanityClause · 04/02/2015 22:53

We have one, and I do use it, when I remember.

I would get the deeper one, if you have the space. Mine is shallower, and I can see deeper would be good.

I mostly use it for warming plates, but I do use it to keep food hot for a few minutes, as well.

happylittlevegemites · 05/02/2015 20:28

We have one (put in by previous owners). I leave it turned off at the fuse, it's one of the toddler's favourite toys!! Oh and my mother warms plates in it when she visits. If it were deep enough to prove bread or leave a roast to rest I'd use it. But otherwise it's just another stupid overpriced thing the kitchen designer convinced them to buy.

Liara · 05/02/2015 20:30

My oven came with one and I have never, ever used it.

MissBeehiving · 05/02/2015 20:45

Use ours very frequently

LucyPie · 05/02/2015 22:04

My thought is that the shallower one would make the oven layout look better but the deeper one may be more practical and used for more than just plate warming. I'm thinking resting the roast, keeping veggies warm, warming croissants(??)

Will head back to the kitchen showroom and take another look.

Thanks for replies so far and any more thoughts very welcome :)

OP posts:
NK2d7e737aX124833c7de8 · 05/02/2015 22:28

I have a deeper one and use it every day. I warm plates and dishes in it and keep food warm if anyone isn't eating at the same time. Good for defrosting and putting food in while it's too warm for fridge. I put it in when planning new kitchen and always tell people it is one of the best things ever and I wouldn't be without it. I also use it far more than I thought I would. I thought it would be for big lunches/Christmas etc rather than every day which it has turned out to be. I'd say go for the big one. You won't regret it.

CiderwithBuda · 05/02/2015 22:41

We have two shallow ones. Use a lot. Would go for deeper next time though.

mineallmine · 05/02/2015 23:22

I have the shallow one and use it lots, mostly for warming plates, and also keeping food warm. Agree with above, I'd get the deep one if I was to get one again. Several of my serving bowls are too tall for it and also I'd use it for proving dough if it was deeper.

limesoda · 06/02/2015 09:11

Ohh, thanks for asking this. I make all my own bread so REALLY wanted one, but was a bit scared I wouldn't use it...

lalamumto3 · 06/02/2015 12:33

i use mine every day, wish i had gone for the deeper one.

FunMitFlags · 06/02/2015 13:28

We had one in our last house. It was fabulous. Used it every day for warming plates etc. also used for proving bread. We had the standard depth (due to space constraints) but the bigger one would have been better.

Madeup5 · 06/02/2015 17:59

My friend has a really practical arrangement I hadn't seen anywhere, side by side oven and combi microwave, shallow warming drawer under the big oven and deep drawer under combi, looks good!

Sunnyshores · 06/02/2015 18:08

sounds like it would have similar uses as an Aga's cooler oven. I use mine for warming plates, keeping food warm, heating croissants, bread rolls, drying wet (non smelly) shoes. There are loads of things it does, do a google search, but Im unfortunately very culinary challenged!

StayGoldPonyBoy · 06/02/2015 18:11

I have two, I use it every day because DH gets home late and I can't be bothered cooking for DD and then us layer on. I use it to warm bread rolls, warm plates when we have people over for dinner, heating bagels for the baby because she will only eat them squishy but warmHmm Grin I'd use it to prove bread dough if my bowls would fit in there.

Unidentifieditem · 06/02/2015 18:12

I have an extra oven purely for symmetrical oven/coffee machine/ steam oven layout... I judge nobody on their warming drawer desires. I use my (3rd) oven as a warming cupboard (!!!)

Cretaceous · 06/02/2015 20:40

We have a large oven, and a small combi microwave oven, which has a warm plates setting, so use that as our warming drawer.

Sunmakesmesmile · 07/02/2015 16:01

We have a fairly deep one I think installed by the previous owners. We've never successfully used it for anything other than storing baking trays and cake tins. Wasn't going to bother putting it back in when we re do the kitchen expensive ovens etc yet stick on with Velcro curtains most odd

HantsinmyPants · 23/07/2019 15:32

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

PigletJohn · 23/07/2019 17:39

no because you can put an extra oven or combi in the space, it willl be more useful because you can warm, keep hot, or cook in it.

MyNameIsJane · 23/07/2019 22:16

I would love one’

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