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How much was your complete bathroom refit labour cost?

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hyperspacebug · 27/05/2014 22:28

I've been quoted 3900 & 4700 so far (assuming full tiling, there is reduction for partial tiling) for the labour. Just 7x7 ft bathroom with bath+sink+toilet, nothing extraordinary included. Their cost do include plumbing supplies and extractor fan, LED lights. I only have to supply obvious bathroom units and tiles.

It's much easier to find on the internet about how people manage to do X for very little. I guess no one wants to sound like a mug for paying considerably more than amazing cheap stories on internet.

So, are the quotes normal for London? Or have I been looking at bathroom fitting companies instead of smaller tradesmen? As long as no one is paid minimum wages or less!

OP posts:
Tomoleeds2 · 23/06/2018 23:06

I am having a re fit at the moment bathroom is 12ft x 12ft, all labour and materials included, full rip out of old bathroom and removal of tiles, lowered white upvc clad ceiling with 4 down lighters, full stone effect re tile, new L shaped bath with twin shower, 1 large fixed, 1 small mobile head, square modern toilet, square sink with white gloss cabinet, 6ft tall cabinet with 3 doors in white gloss for storage, stone effect vinyl flooring (same price as tiles) price of materials £2,100 labour £1,400, total price £3,500

Aridane · 04/12/2018 00:56

@Lisa98 - what area does your husband cover? And can I have his details too?

scatpep · 25/03/2019 12:40

Does anyone know if a plumber can create a bathroom out of a bedroom? Rather than a builder?

flirtygirl · 25/03/2019 13:14

I did that years go and it was a plumber not a builder. As all pipework had to be done. Unless walls are being moved, I can't see what good a builder would be.

AwkwardPaws27 · 25/03/2019 13:39

@scatpep you'd need a plumber for the pipework.

Depending on where the current soilpipe is, I think you may need a builder, if you need to run a new soilpipe/stack... A builder will be running our new soilpipe, but we are also having some other building work done at the same time.

scatpep · 25/03/2019 13:41

Thank you for that. No walls have to be moved.

RoyalBathrooms · 25/09/2019 15:05

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