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Chain just collapsed - gutted

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Minstrelsaremarvellous · 13/08/2012 18:56

Was due to exchange and complete on Thursday. Solicitor sent me an email this morning saying that all paperwork was in and that we were going to exchange today. Booked the removal men, then get phonecall at 4.45pm saying the first person in the chain has pulled out of her sale and purchase. I've got a 4yr old and a 6mth old, my purchasers had a baby last Monday and there is another on in the chain of 5 who is due a baby anyday. I'm pretty hacked off (resigned to what will be, will be) and frustrated that it had taken this woman more than 4mths to do this. She's waited until the last minute and has proven to be a time and money waster. Naff all we can do - ah, vent over!

OP posts:
delphic · 17/08/2012 21:00

Wrong thread!

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