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Reading in y5

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moodyblue · 13/09/2009 18:42

Hi all. My y5 ds came home from school worried that his teacher had told him his reading book, that he'd been reading at home and taken in, was too long and he shouldn't bring it again. Apparently she said he shouldn't be reading anything that he couldn't write himself within a few hours!! I'm a bit baffled by this as it's not something I've heard before - has anyone else encountered this? It is a children's book (Magyck - Septimus Heap?), not War and Peace or anything!!

OP posts:
dietstartstomorrow · 13/09/2009 18:44

Not heard of anything like that. I would probably pop in and ask the teacher to clarify.

moodyblue · 13/09/2009 18:47

I suggested that but he was horrified!! She's a bit of a tyrant. Will have a word quietly I think. I don't want her to think i'm being pushy but I want him to continue to like reading and worry this might put him off.

OP posts:
RupertTheBear · 13/09/2009 18:51

I teach Year Five. What a load of rubbish!! He should be encouraged in reading whatever he wants to read. It can be hard enough to get Year Five children (especially boys) to read anything at all. I would have a word to see what she meant, but carry on reading the book at home.

Niecie · 13/09/2009 18:56

Seems a bit barmy to me - well the bit about being something he could write himself. That wouldn't stretch him would it? - neither his reading or writing would improve.
Surely your writing is driven by what you have read?

Maybe she just wants him to read school books at school and to keep his home reading book separate. That is what my DS does - also Yr 5. If you have shorter books, you also get through more which means you get to read a greater mix of books.

Feenie · 13/09/2009 19:05

Y5 teacher and a Literacy co-ordinator here - I am horrified at her advice; as Rupertthebear says, what a load of rubbish! Agree with her on action too - have a word and continue reading it. But let us know what she says!

moodyblue · 13/09/2009 19:42

Okay - will have a word with her. Niecie - hadn't thought about the reading a greater mix of books thing. That would make sense. I'll let you know how I get on - I was a bit scared of doing so actually as she's one of those old school teachers who can make you feel like you're 10 again with just a look!

OP posts:
mrz · 13/09/2009 19:48

Literacy coordinator here too and I echo the "what a load of rubbish". Children need to be encouraged to read

cory · 13/09/2009 19:57

How bizarre. Dd read the Lord of the Rings at that age. We couldn't have afforded the paper for her to write a sequel!

Pyrocanthus · 13/09/2009 21:58

Very, very weird.

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