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How to pursuade DD that she is doing too many after school activities!

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andirobobo · 08/09/2009 13:08

Following on from a current thread about a Y2 pupil it go tme thinking about DD who is now in year 3.

Currently she does, apart from school:

Mon - nothing
Tues - breakfast club - 8am and modern dance - 45 mins 4.45 to 5.30pm
Wed - breakfast club & after school club until 4.30pm
THurs - breakfast club then nothing
Fri - breakfast club then currently nothing, but name down for Brownies
Sat - Gymnastics - 11 - 12.30
Sun - swimming lesson 8.45 - 9.15am!!

She does other clubs in school lunchtime such as gardening and art, but decides herself is and when she does this.

She has signed up for the musical instrument auditions, so may have one instrument to learn as well if she passes.

She is generally ok, but I personally think the gymnastics is too much - it is a hard class and is for 1.5 hours. We tend not to do too much either side of that class - just chill.

Swimming is not an option to drop and the time suits as we are up anyway and it doesnt stop us going out as a family. It is only half an hour, and she is doing well.

But having seen the homework so far - reading every day, spellings to practice Mon to Thurs, and then other homework twice a week, then throwing in an istrument may just push me over the edge!

She is paid up for gymnastics until November, and I was then thinking of saying she was not able to go as long as she gets a Brownies place. Is that mean of me???!!!

Any thoughts from other Yr3 parents!

OP posts:
Flyonthewindscreen · 08/09/2009 13:16

My DS (yr 3) only does swimming class and beavers so your DD does do more but it doesn't seem that excessive compared to some of his classmates. No harm in sowing the seed with your DD that she might have to drop gymnastics if she gets a brownies place/musical instrument and see what her reaction is? I would personally hate an activity that was in the middle of the day at the weekend as it would get in the way of days out, etc so would be keen for an opportunity to drop it!

Hulababy · 08/09/2009 14:04

I assume she does breakfast and afternoon club because of work committments?

I actually dont think the number is bad as such. DD was in Y2 last year and probably did more actual clubs after school.

However one thing I was determined was to ensure most of our weekend was family time, so did limited activities then.

andirobobo · 08/09/2009 21:22

Yes I work 4 days a week - 27 hours.

The weekend activities suit me better than after school as I have 2.5 year old, and it is not fair to drag him to stuff after school when he is tired.

At the weekend, the gymnastics used to be 9.30am but she was moved up a class. We leave DD for most of the session, and DS and I go for a walk to see the ducks, etc, so at least he is getting some one to one time!

It is all very expensive too, and fortunately Brownies havent got in touch yet, it was a tentative September start. I dont think they are back until this Friday!

OP posts:
mumtolawyer · 08/09/2009 22:56

My DD (Y3) does afterschool club (where she'll need to do her homework after a non-academic gentle and relaxing activity) every day, mainly due to our jobs, and does several activities at weekends. She thrives on it, but others wouldn't. You know your DD, and your limits, but it doesn't seem too much to me.

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