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Homework battles!

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wahwahwah · 30/08/2009 09:41

DS is 5 and about to go into year 1. He is already reading year 2 books (we all seem to read early in this family, so no big brag there!) but has fits about writing.

In nursery they taught them the basics of writing but switched to cursive in reception class. He has had many 'debates' with the teacher about the benefits of learning one style of writing when he already knows another way.

The teachers suggested that we keep up the practice over the holidays - but every time I even suggest writing he throws a hissy fit and it can take an hour to persuade him to do a page of letters. I am getting worried that he will pitch a fit at his new teacher about writing and also worried that he will be seen as the whiney, crying kid that can't do the work. When he does the work it is fine but getting him there is a nightmare!

Any suggestions??

OP posts:
mimsum · 30/08/2009 10:12

step away from the handwriting sheets! At least half of the kids in his class won't be able to write a simple sentence in the most basic of print styles (especially the boys) - and they'll be lucky if anyone else can read it!

The surest way to put a child off education for life is to force them to do stuff when they're 5 - 5 should be about playing and wanting to do stuff, not being forced.

piscesmoon · 30/08/2009 10:23

He will be completely different at school-doing it with mum is always a battle and not worth the hassle IMO (says mother of 3 DSs who didn't/don't like writing).
He won't be alone or an oddity-he is very young.

MANATEEequineOHARA · 30/08/2009 10:26

My ds is also a better reader, than he is at writing, I think it is pretty standard for boys?
I agree with forgetting the handwriting sheets! The only writing practice ds has done is writing a Ben 10 'information book' - it is amazing how keen he is when Ben 10 is involved!

purepurple · 30/08/2009 10:26

naughty nursery, this is why they really shouldn't be teaching children to write
I am not surprised that he doesn't want to sit and do pages of writing.
Imho, writing should be done for a purpose. A shopping list, or a letter to a relative.

wahwahwah · 30/08/2009 17:23

I have tried the letter writing - he writes notes to the dog!

OP posts:
purepurple · 30/08/2009 17:26

clever dog, does he reply?

wahwahwah · 30/08/2009 17:28

'Fraid not. She is too busy on the farm. she does call though.

OP posts:
mmrsceptic · 30/08/2009 17:40


let him learn in school

don't bother doing it at home unless he's up for it

this isn't just about handwriting

you/the teacher are setting up a situation where he is going to be extremely recalcitrant about homework altogether

at the age of five I can tell you -- you REALLY REALLY don't want to be doing this, really really really really really

if the teacher makes a moue about it just tell her you've tried but you don't seem to have the knack at teaching writing and I'm sure he'll do much better with you etc etc

for goodness sake, children are much better at doing what the teacher says when it comes to school work than the parent

at that age teacher becomes total god, so if she's not up to it then that's something she needs to work around

I am being v bossy but don't care, just don't set up this situation, you'll regret it

Milliways · 30/08/2009 17:40

My DS had fun with a pad of Post-Its. Let him label the whole house! He has to write the name and then go and Post-It

Neighbours thought we were mad. Bath, Toilet, sink, fridge, cupboard, door, window - EVERYTHING he could reach had a label.

We also used this to get DD reading more words, all everyday words were stuck on the objects for a week or so one summer.

The poor dog kept brushing past things and walking around labelled "door" etc

mmrsceptic · 30/08/2009 17:43

milli, brilliant idea

Milliways · 30/08/2009 17:46


I must admit though, he was good at spelling but his handwriting was illegible until he started to use a fountain pen in Yr6. It's still a scrawl and he's far happier typing stuff, but never mind - he's got perfect GP scrawl

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