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reception - school meals or packed lunch?

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mckenzie · 29/08/2009 18:51

Does it matter?
Is it up to personal preference of the child and parent or is one choice better than the other for reception children?


OP posts:
CurlyhairedAssassin · 03/09/2009 17:05

Noideawhereimgoing: "things like curries, chilli, pasta, pizza, soup, quiche and pies - occasionally he'll have sarnies but they are not often well received."

Those are the sorts of things that my DS would love - but how do you keep them warm? And can they manage the mess of serving it up to themselves? DS is just starting Year 1, and spent the whole of Reception year bringing home his lunch box with only 1 bite out of his sandwiches and a yoghurt eaten and THAT'S ALL. Sometimes some of his strawberries or grapes, and half a biscuit. I tried other things like pitta bread as he sometimes moans about the texture of the bread (home-made!) but the same thing is happening this year.

I don't know whether it's really just the chaos and heat of the dining room that puts him off eating but I'm guessing he would probably have more of a bash at things like my hot pasta and curries.

Can you buy flasks to keep food hot?

He is adamant he doesn't want to switch to hot dinners - he has tried them before without much success so huge waste of money.

pobs3012 · 08/09/2009 14:18

Help! My 4-year-old son is about to start Reception, and although as a family we eat a very varied, healthy diet, he is currently a fussy eater and will only eat cheese & Marmite sandwiches for his lunch. I have tried countless other things, but to no avail ? they always come back with one small bite taken out of them. Any ideas on how to wean him off his fave filling? I don't mind c & M one or 2 days a week, but not 5!

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