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Yes or no - KS2 SATs for 2010 year 6

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wotzy · 29/08/2009 18:34

Will there be test or not?

In the holidays I spoke to a mate/teacher (Primary) and she said no.

I am confused.

OP posts:
Feenie · 30/08/2009 19:27

Yes! Couldn't agree more, mrz.

thecloudhopper · 30/08/2009 19:53

Well the biggest county in Wales don't. Sorry I am a bit anti SATS I just feel that children shouldn't be put under that pressure as it doesn't give a full account of the child and is dependant on that hour ect. I just think primary school espes should be about teaching life skills and maths in contect not in readiness for a test.
Also as a child I remeber SATS and I remember getting a 3A as opposed to a predicted 4A and well I felt I had let everyone down a bit silly now but I was only 11.

Millimat · 30/08/2009 22:18

Many schools also do optional SATs (called QCA tests) in years 3,4 and 5 anyway so chn are used to the format of the tests. If they are abolished another type of assessment will be put into place and this apparantly will be test papers but aimed at a single level so for example just level 4 as a pose to a paper that could grade a child as 3, 4C, 4b, 4a or 5.

Feenie · 30/08/2009 22:21

They might be used to the format, but not the ridiculously formal procedure. Inhouse tests are not as scary as GCSE conditions, which is what these 10 and 11 year old children are put through in Year 6.

wotzy · 01/09/2009 16:41

Been to school today (had to get uniform) and by chance spoke to the head. Said maths and english, however not sure yet about science. Also said that the unions will have a part in what happens and that we would probably hear about it in the press first anyway.

OP posts:
Feenie · 01/09/2009 17:49

KS2 Science has definitely been scrapped.

GrimmaTheNome · 01/09/2009 18:02

Scrapping science SAT but keeping maths and english is the worst of all scenarios - narrows the focus even more.

I don't see any problem with formalised testing itself at this age - we all used to have to do the 11+ where the result really mattered don't remember anyone being fazed by it. IIRC I quite enjoyed it. But then, it was just what everyone expected to have to do, no-one was telling us it was a big problem. Maybe the big difference is that it was clearly meant to be assessing each child rather than the school, and so the teachers didn't get all defensive about it?

mrz · 02/09/2009 08:23

GrimmaTheNome I don't think teachers are defensive over SATs but publishing league tables has to put pressure on LAs/schools/teachers which always filters down to the child unfortunately.
Assessment (including testing) should be about monitoring the child's progress so the teacher knows where they need extending or where they need more support not about government targets.

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