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Eldest DC starting Reception in Sept and need TIPS on uniform, school lunches etc....

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Misspaella · 28/08/2009 09:38

Ok so my eldest DS is starting reception in a few weeks and I have NO experience in this dept.

Should I buy the Clarks school shoes (albeit pricey) or is it just ok to get any black shoes? Or if I go the economic route will they just fall apart?

School lunch or just bring one?

What kind of lunch bag is best to keep food fresh?

Are the supermarket polo shirts a good buy?

How many school jumpers did you buy?

Lice/Nits - what products should I have on hand for the inevitable?

Anything else?

These questions may sound ditzy but as I said I am a newbie to the school thing.


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sunburntats · 28/08/2009 09:49

ok, lots of questions there:
I buy cheeper school shoes for Sept - January becasue Clarkes or not, the feet grow quickly and they all drop to bits as they take some hammer.
I polish them every day to keep them going as long as poss. After xmas, i buy some clarkes they usually last the rest fot eh school year ok. Get PE pumps at the same time, velcro ones are ok.

I send a packed lunch, i put in a freezer pack and just use the ones with favourite carachters on, think we have sponge bob this time, they turn inside out and so can be cleand thoroughly into the corners where crumbs collect.
What ever ds doesnt eat, school send home so i can monitor what he eats. I dont go overbourd, jsut a small sarni fruit and occasional half bag of crisps, my ds has a very small appitite and want to get out to play so eats quickly.

Supermarket polo shirts are fine, absolutely fine, they wash great are cheepo so you dont mind chucking them when they get stained with muck/paint etc.

I bought 4 school jumpers so that i can keep up with the washing of them, they do get ALLOT of hammer.

never had nots, in tear 2 when he goes back. Buy it as you need it i would say, its expensive stuff.

he wont need pencil cases or anything like that.
get into the habit of reading with him every day,
Also a big MUST, you will get lots of letters from school, get into the habit of checking the school bag every day and make sure you read them, my sister used to put the all into the bin in a screwed up ball....then sent her ds to school in uniform when the whole of the school was none uniform......he was devastated (she is NOT all there tbh) it is important so do try,

sunburntats · 28/08/2009 09:50 year 2 meant to say!!!

Surfermum · 28/08/2009 10:03

I buy Startright from a small independent shop, which are pricey but good quality and I really trust the fitter.

DD does haven't the option of school lunch. I'm not sure there is a best sort of lunchbox, I've used all sorts, but I use small tupperware tubs to put everything in to keep it fresh.

I use Asda uniform and it's great. Washes well, wears well and IME fits better than M&S stuff.

She has 2 jumpers and 2 cardigans ... but I bought 2 new and 2 from a charity shop.

Nits - get a Nitty Gritty comb, it's the business. And if/when the time comes use a shed load of cheap conditioner and comb out every 3 days. I've never used any sort of lotion on dd and we've got rid of them every time.

And be prepared for them being very, very tired and going a bit weird when they start - even if they are used to full time days at pre-school or nursery.

Clary · 29/08/2009 01:38

Ooh lots of qus. OK...

Shoes: we buy Clarks as they are width fitted and "sensible" (generally). I have always foudn they are outgrown long before anything like worn out.
I guess cheaper shoes will last less well and not be fitted so well. Start-Rite also good I have found (but even dearer).

We do school dinners as I cannot face shopping for 3 x packed lunches x 5 days a week. Then getting up to make them.

So lunch bag - dunno!

Supermarket polos prob fine; I tend to get uniform at M&S as have found it washes well and fits OK too.

School jumpers - my boys have 2-3 and need clean one most days; DD (who is middle child) wears same cardie for a week.

Lice - I just comb with nitty gritty comb and conditioner, find this works well, don't like the chemical stuff.

BTW - how is yr DS starting in a few weeks? We are back on Sept 7 and I thought that was late

hocuspontas · 29/08/2009 13:34

School lunch box/bag - try and get one that he can open himself to save having to wait for lunch staff. Name it on the OUTSIDE because if it is a popular one it could have been eaten by mistake by someone else! (This happens). Also he can identify it easily without having to open up half a dozen others. Put in food that he can open himself as well for same reason as before.

Show him where the name label is in his clothes - on the neck is easiest so he can find them when he takes them off. Make sure everything is named - most outdoor clothes and jumpers will end up in a heap in the cloakroom floor. It's best to have a laundry pen handy - if he goes in in a spare coat one day for example, you can easily just ink his name in. Hats and scarves go missing very quickly if not named.

Obviously get him to practice putting his shoes on. Velcro please - not lace ups! (Am a TA in reception and this takes forever! )
Also plimsolls.

Am glad to see you are getting polo shirts not button up shirts. As a mum I have always preferred M & S as the collars don't go wrinkly. I wouldn't worry about clean clothes for everyday - you can sponge most stuff off. Buy tops on the big side for ease of getting on and off. Although we help them get changed for PE to start we expect them all to show they are trying to do it themselves - too small jumpers are a pain for the children AND us!

One thing - don't hang around after you say goodbye each day - it just makes the parting worse. Start as you mean to go on. Good luck!

thecloudhopper · 29/08/2009 14:16

1 other thing dont forget to lable jumpers ect as it enevitable that at some point there will be a mix up

Misspaella · 29/08/2009 20:20

Thanks for all these tips...didn't even think about marking his things. I am a novice at this big.

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