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Advice on independent schools in Blackburn/Lancashire?

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movingupnorth · 20/08/2009 11:29


We are soon to be moving to Blackburn and wondered if anyone had any recommendations on the best independent schools in the area.

We have one girl (primary age) and one boy (nursery age) and would like to send them both to good independent schools.

Has anyone any knowledge of Westholme or QEGS? Are there any other good independent schools in the area worth considering?

Any help or advice/experience would be really helpful!

OP posts:
thegrammerpolicesic · 20/08/2009 16:40

QEGS was always excellent years ago when I was in that area. My grandad went there but when it comes to out of date info that takes the prize really doesn't it!!

There aren't that many independent senior schools within easy driving distance round there I think. From my experience in Lancashire you normally get an ok choice of preps and then only one or two senior schools within a reasonable distance of you.

I think Stonyhurst is also nearby but boarding and a Catholic school so that might or might not be apropriate for you.

Have you checked out something like the Good Schools Guide?

wasuup3000 · 23/08/2009 01:09

Is it Blackburn itself or more the outskirts that you are moving too? The schools mentioned already are good. I think at Stonyhurst you can be a day pupil also, there is Oakhill as well in Whalley and Moorlands in Clitheroe.

IOnlyReadtheDailyMailinCafes · 23/08/2009 01:14

You can be a day pupil at Stonyhurst, dd had a place but we moved away. It suited us as much as an independent school would but I am a very devout Catholic. But it was made clear to other parents that you could be there and not be catholic, although I dont know why you would go otherwise as there results are not outstanding.

IOnlyReadtheDailyMailinCafes · 23/08/2009 01:17

However in its favour dd was gutted not to be going to Stonyhurst, we had friends who sent their children their and they are all very happy. DD asks everynow and again if she could board there as she still really wants to go despite us living 6 hours away.

movingupnorth · 24/08/2009 13:03

Thanks for all the advice. We are going to be just outside Blackburn but as I'll be working in Blackburn I'd prefer to take the kids in with me or somewhere that's not too far to do the school run/put them on a coach first.

I've had a look at Stonyhurst but feel the fees are a bit out of our reach to send both children there.

I'll have a look at QEGS and the goodschools guide as well. Has anyone any experience or knowledge about Westholme?

OP posts:
Ixia · 24/08/2009 15:32

Not recent knowledge, I'm from Clitheroe originally and went to Clitheroe Grammar. At the time it was viewed as a better, more academic school than most of the private schools (apart from QEGS). Westholme certainly wasn't seen as that brilliant, I had an assisted place there, but didn't take it up as I passed the 11+, I remember my parents being relieved at the time.

Ixia · 24/08/2009 15:40

Although having looked at Westholme's website it would seem things have changed somewhat...apart from the green and purple uniform ;)

Lancelottie · 24/08/2009 18:00

Ah yes, those lovely uniforms... wonder if they still have the interesting purple onion hats as well? And the vile socks??

Mind you, Oakhill also had a somewhat demented uniform policy, according to a friend who had it inflicted on her -- different variations on a theme of green and tan for every year, so nothing could be handed down.

Ixia · 24/08/2009 20:21

You mean the "beret"? Yes, it's compulsory...bleurgh.

A friend of my mums has her LO in the nursery at Oakhill, the girls uniform is vile - tartan dresses, green shirts and a tie (it's a nursery ffs)

wasuup3000 · 24/08/2009 22:21

I asked about if you would be outside of Blackburn as the secondary schools in Clitheroe and surrounding rural areas are all of a really good standard and the Grammar does better than the private schools often in its results.

manyhands · 27/08/2009 17:13

If your heart isn't totaly set on indepemdent you can gt a place quite easily in some excellent rural schools in the area. My son goes to a state school with only 11 in his class about 20 mins from blackburn. QEGS has a good reputation locally.

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