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When do your children do their homework ?

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Pitchounette · 30/07/2009 08:58

Message withdrawn

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Pitchounette · 05/08/2009 20:54

Message withdrawn

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OrmIrian · 05/08/2009 20:55

When they get fed up of being nagged usually.

MitchyInge · 05/08/2009 20:57

I didn't let my children do homework until they were about 8, unless they were really keen on some project or other.

Pitchounette · 06/08/2009 17:22

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
fridayschild · 07/08/2009 18:32

My two are early risers - I refuse to get out of bed till 6.30am, but they are awake well before that. This gives us plenty of time to get dressed, have breakfast and a good nag about practising reading instead of beating up your brother before I leave at 8.30.

I can see if you had a child who woke later, and needed to leave earlier for school, breakfast would not be a great homework time.

LalalaNotlistening · 07/08/2009 20:17

We try to do it about an hour before bed and on sunday eve at the weekend . I say try as usually this is after my nagging ,threatening and then quietly sobbing in the corner whilst DS huffs and throws me evil looks .DD ,however, would happily do homework all night .

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