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how do the waiting lists work

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mwalsh1 · 17/07/2009 09:49

Hi,i was offered my first choice school, but only visited it last week. At the time of applying it seemed a good choice,But after school visit my son was upset cause he wants to go to the infant school all his preschool friends have gone to he is the only one going to a different school and does not understand why,I have also relised not only is he unhappy so am i.I have been worrying myself stupid and keep crying over this,i now want to send my son to my second choice school that he wants to go to which is also 5 min walk from where i live.The other school which if my car dont work is a 40 min walk as buses dont run from my house to that area.I went to the second choice school today to get advice.The headmisstress was lovely though said all the spaces had gone but they dont really know till school starts why is this surely if they are full then that is it..she gave me a number for a lady who deals with admissions and this lady would put me on the waiting list and who knows my son may get to start there in september being that i live near by and he will need to go to the follow on school near my house when he is 7.How do the waiting lists work?And how do they know they are full yet are not totally sure till september.i feel like i have let my son down with my stupid choice and its eating away at me going to lorrine school but want to go to bagshot infant school.what are the chances of getting to the school i want this late in the year

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4ever21 · 17/07/2009 10:23

I know how you feel - a bit at least. I was in a somewhat similar situation last year as my ds was starting a school he didn't know anyone at. A lot of his preschool friends were starting the same school. He begged and cried and kept asking me why I would do that to him. He said he hated the new school (without ever being there) I felt really bad.

You know what one year on, he ABSOLUTELY loves the school! we were considering going private and he says never. He told me a month ago he wishes school opened on weekends as well.

I think at that age, it's just a normal reaction, the friends they have now are their all and they can't imagine life without their preschool buddies. that's afterall their 1st relationship. but I tell you it gets better, children are very flexible and social beings.

You could try changing schools,but if it doesn't work out, please don't feel bad, he'll cope just fine trust me.

annh · 17/07/2009 10:34

They don't know if they are full because people may not turn up on the first day of term. Presumably, you have kept your place at the first choice school yet if you get a place at late notice at the second choice school you will give up the first one. So someone on that list will then get your place - which could be end of August! Sometimes people who don't take up a place don't even bother to let the school know.

mwalsh1 · 17/07/2009 11:12

annh i have to ring the lady who deals with admissions waiting list this afternoon,do you know if when they put you on the waiting list do they take you sons name off the school he is meant to be going to.or does he keep going there till something comes up? i have not told the school he is going to any different

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mwalsh1 · 17/07/2009 11:15

4ever21 thank you for that its very reasurring.though i think the distance and that the middle school he will go to when he is 7 is near my house i need to try.but thank you for your reply

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mwalsh1 · 17/07/2009 11:16

is there any way off viewing the waiting list and where you are on them once your on there?

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annh · 17/07/2009 11:28

Mwalsh, no you won't lose your existing place if you go on the waiting list for another school. The LEA lady should be able to tell you which position you will be on the waiting list and if you don't already know the criteria for admissions she can give those to you as well, which should help you in ascertaining if there is any chance of getting a place. I would also call the second school back and ask them, based on your position on the waiting list, what they think your chances are of getting a place? They certainly can't know for certain and things vary from year to year but they can probably give you an idea of how the lists move generally.

mwalsh1 · 17/07/2009 11:30

annh thank you

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mwalsh1 · 17/07/2009 15:05

i have spoke to lea lady,there are seven on the waiting list ,she said it is good i live right near the school.not sure if this is a good sign i hope so.lea lady was very helpful and understanding,she also kindly put me on the list over the phone as i had waited all day to speak to a particular person but she is on holiday for two when i rang the contact center they gave me wrong information about how to get on waiting list I had to confirm my call with a email apparently contact center should tell you to put your request in writing not just wait till certain time and ring someone especially someone who is not there for two weeks.

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