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Chances of getting Year R place from waiting list between now and Sept?

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lucymummy · 14/07/2009 16:07

DD is at the top of the waiting list for a place at our catchment school. We've only recently joined the list so quite late on in the year really. Has anyone got a Year R place at this time of year in the past?

OP posts:
pigswithfludontfly · 14/07/2009 18:08

Reckon you've got a reasonable chance - sometimes schools have kids literally not turn up on the first day apparently - the parents didn't bother notifying them. Might be worth asking the school if there was anyone who didn't turn up for the settling in visits as that could be telling.

Has term finished there though?

GrapefruitMoon · 14/07/2009 18:11

Yes definitely a good chance - children often go for settling in and then not turn up on day 1 - especially if the school in question was not their first choice and a place comes up at first choice

hana · 14/07/2009 18:22

we got in on day 2 to 1st choice school
dd did one morning session at 2nd choice then we swapped

JohnDory · 14/07/2009 18:22

Y i reckon.

wed99 · 14/07/2009 18:29

I agree definitely a good chance . I know someone at our school who got the call the day before Sept term started.

MIAonline · 14/07/2009 18:38

If you are the next in line, you actually stand a good chance, it is amazing how many people don't let school know they won't be starting.

Good luck.

FolleMalineetDangereuse · 14/07/2009 19:25

How many reception classes are there? If it's single form entry you've got a good chance - even better if there are more classes.

pigswithfludontfly · 14/07/2009 19:29

Hana - did you have to buy a whole new lot of uniform?! I guess it was worth it though to go to the school you wanted

lucymummy · 14/07/2009 19:50

Thanks, I guess we have to just wait and see. There are 2 classes so 60 places. We've had to buy the uniform for the school we've currently got a place at but most of it is the generic M&S polo tops and grey skirts which she would wear to either school.

OP posts:
frogs · 14/07/2009 19:53

You might not get a call until a couple of weeks into term -- it's not uncommon for people just not to turn up without telling the school.

How many are on the waiting list?

TEJQ · 14/07/2009 20:29

A friend of mine started off at number 4 on the wait list in April, was top by the summer and got a call the first week of Sept to say she had a place.

Every chance IMHO at the top of the list.

We have just won our Year R appeal, so DS is now in as child number 31 but he was second on the wait list. The admissions bod told us before we won our appeal they were keeping the waiting list operational until 31/12 this year instead of the usual 1/9, to make sure if there were any sudden drop outs people who were waiting got offered the place.

Good luck

Starbear · 14/07/2009 21:21

We have new uniform for 2nd choice school in a bag with receipt ready to go back to the shops. If 1st choice school call us in Sept we have to dash to the shops. Friends have told us we have a good chance (maybe they are just being kind) we are 3rd on the list. People move, jobs change which means a family move anything could happen. We are crossing fingers and toes.

lucymummy · 15/07/2009 15:38

9 on the waiting list I think.
Fantastic news about winning your appeal TEJQ.
Hmm, I think nothing will happen now until Sept. I wish it would as will feel really quilty moving DD, even if it's only after a week .

OP posts:
hana · 15/07/2009 17:20

no, didn't buy new uniform - it was all the same apart from cardigan. I didn't even buy that (it was warm!) or the PE bag.

annh · 15/07/2009 19:16

But be aware that you can move down, as well as up, a waiting list, depending on the criteria and who else may come along looking for a place. Depends on the admissions policy of the school.

mwalsh1 · 17/07/2009 22:02

hi when your on the waiting list do the lea phone you with the result if there is one .or do they post it to you being that it could be short notice..not really sure how the waiting lists work or how i find out where on the list i am ...

lucymummy · 18/07/2009 00:37

It probably depends on which LEA you're dealing with but here we're dealing direct with the school, not the LEA. I'm not sure if they'd phone or write if a place came up.

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