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Looking for maths resources to help with word problems (Yr3/4)

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PerfectPrefect · 12/07/2009 17:15

My DTDs have just finished Yr3. In both of their reports they are both described as having the potential to be excellent mathematicians, with their current key weekness being word problems and knowing which operator to use (there are 7 apples in a bag and I have 5 bags how many apples have I got kind of thing).

I would like to help them out a bit over summer and keep their brain ticking over gently. They love using the internet for educational games (woodlands Junior and bitesize - which they navigate themselves to after using them at school). Are there any good resources for this kind of problem solving. There only seems to be a handful of age appropriate sums of this type on Woodlands. Anywhere else I could look.

I would at a push print out worksheets but online is much more amenable to them as I don't want to sit them at the table to do "homework" during the holidays.

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PerfectPrefect · 12/07/2009 17:16
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RustyBear · 12/07/2009 17:26

Lots of problem solving worksheetshere

Feenie · 12/07/2009 17:30

Bit USA-heavy, but not bad:


PerfectPrefect · 12/07/2009 18:10

perfect Rusty.

I had seen that one Feenie but wanted something a little easier to start with. Although they can do remainders when given a simple number sum I think they will struggle combinging remainders with word problems.

Thanks to both of you.

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bloss · 12/07/2009 18:51

Message withdrawn

PerfectPrefect · 12/07/2009 19:00

Thanks Bloss.

I don't think they are a million miles away.

If you put them in front of bars of chocolate or bags of sweets, something that is real and tangiable to them they know exactly what they need to do.

It is just that when you give them a list of "artificial" questions relating to kids on a bus, or sheep in a field they lose it.

It is the add/subtract they confuse and the multiply/divide. They know whether they need to go arithmetric or geometric IYSWIM.

Once they have decided that they just pick random numbers out of the sentance and randomly +/- or x/divide IYSWIM.

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floaty · 12/07/2009 19:52

Have you tried brightminds they have lots of interesting stuff

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