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Moving to new area - catchment areas...

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elizabethbob · 08/07/2009 20:14

Hello. We're moving to a new area. DS only 7months at the moment. We're looking to buy a property which we'd expect to be in for 5+years. There are good schools in the area: 2 have outstanding ofsted reports and the rest are good with the odd outstanding comment. The house that we have put an offer on (under negotiation but looking positive) is in the catchment only for one that is apparentely 1.8km away (scoring good). It is just out of the one that is 740m away (outstanding). There are lots of private prep schools in the area but if we've had more children etc that might not be feasible. Houses in one of the outstanding school areas have an extra £100000 or so added on for that privilege! In the other catchment area there is nothing on the market that we even vaguely like.

We really, really like the house we've put an offer on.

Would people just keep looking til they found one in the catchment area (which is less than 500m) even though it's not as close to the station for DH's commute (works long hours) and when we've seen one we love out of the catchment area?!! OR would you just go for this one we like and worry about schools in 4 years time!

Is 1.8km a long way to go??! Obviously walkable as an adult or older child. Is it a long way for a 5year old?! Just seems far when compared to catchment areas of less than 500m!

OP posts:
mummyrex · 09/07/2009 09:54

Catchments can change
Schools can change

Go for the house you like.

savoycabbage · 09/07/2009 10:02

I sent my dd to an 'outstanding' school. After half a term with a new head it had gone down the toilet and was so bad that I had to take her out. So I would worry about it in 4 years. Especially if it is nearer the station and is going to make your immediate day to day life more pleasant.

Runoutofideas · 09/07/2009 11:45

I would be concerned that 1.8km may be too far away for you to get into the school which scores as "good" and you may be in a no-man's land of not being in the catchment for the outstanding one and not getting the good one either. I would check the lea website and see if it gives you the distances where people have previously got in from. Being in a catchment area does not guarantee a space. I would consider it to be important now, unless you have the option of one of the independent schools if you don't get offered wither of your nearest ones.

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