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Advice regarding learning to read - How does it actually work? and basic blending

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stressed2007 · 26/06/2009 14:28

Hi. I have a question about learning to read. My LO (just 3) can now sound out a sentence super fast phonetically. I think after several weeks of this she is getting bored doing this and I therefore want to encourage her to go to the next stage. She is quite quick - I told her for example the other day when we were looking at the word ?moon? on the alphabet chart in her room that when you see two o?s together i.e. ?oo? that this makes the oooooo? sound. I only need to tell her once and she remembers it. She can now look at her word chart on the wall of her bedroom and she says ?P?I?G? is pig but is obviously helped by the picture of the pig above the word although today she said PIG is pig while she was in a different room.

Can anyone tell me how children actually learn to read at primary school? how for e.g. does the blending for words start? Do children learn their first words off by heart so to speak ? i.e. they don?t learn how to read out all words at the beginning but rather know from memory what the word dog looks like etc. In which case shall I get her to memorise certain basic words? Are there any particular websites that can explain how this works? Are there any threads on here that go into detail on this? Or are there special books to help children at this stage of their development?

Thanks all for your help.

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lilac21 · 26/06/2009 22:54

Children learn to read using a mixture of words they can read on sight and words they blend. You may get some criticism on here, but I'm an infant teacher and had two very precocious readers of my own, now aged 11 and 9. The youngest started Reception class aged 4 with a reading age of over 8 and a half. If your little one is interested in sounds and words, go along with it. It can be loads of fun.

This contains the guidelines on teaching phonics from age 3 to 7 in maintained schools.

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