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Feeling nervous now I have looked round the school

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norksinmywaistband · 08/06/2009 14:24

DD ( yes pfb) is due to start reception in Sept.
I went to look round the school last week and While I was chatting to the head DD sat and joined in with the class.

She seemed to really love it and it seems a very nice friendly school.

My concern is these children are now in the final half term of reception and DD was already able to join in with the class maths lesson( it did seem quite simple) and was reading a lot of the words on the boards around the class.

I know I am being a bit pfb, but I don't want her to be bored by school in the first year, she will be there for a long time.
I didn't think to ask the headteacher but do all children have to work at the same level or will they push children who need it a bit

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apostrophe · 08/06/2009 14:29

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

AMumInScotland · 08/06/2009 14:31

The teacher will quickly get a feel for what she's capable of and make sure she's not bored. Don't worry about it. They all start at different levels and a decent teacher will be able to differentiate work to make sure that they are all getting the right level. That may mean that your dd gets more "sideways" work rather than making obvious progress though, but that will consolidate what she already knows.

smee · 08/06/2009 14:33

Norks some children don't start to read etc until yr1/ yr 2 and that's normal, so in some ways your DD is ahead. When's her birthday - is she pre-Christmas? If so some of the children in the class she visited may be only a month older than her. From what I've seen Reception is about socialising and learning through play, there's so much more to it than sitting learning and a good school makes it all fun, so they should all be engaged no matter what their abilities. Also most schools seem to sort out kids in terms of ability, then do group work (unofficial streaming if you like). I doubt she'll be the only one who's at her level, so she shouldn't get bored if they follow that route. Sounds like she'll have a ball. And how fantastic that she's excited and wants to go. That's got to be the most important thing for now.

norksinmywaistband · 08/06/2009 15:30

Thanks for all the replies, She is Jan BTW.
I know she will have fun, and she is very excited, I guess I am just a bit nervous for her.
You are right as long as she has fun and is engaged, she will love it.
I do not think she is amazingly advanced, just keen to learn(sorry if that did not come across initially).
I just feel it is such a scary process - letting someone else be such a major influence

God I sound like a loon

OP posts:
AMumInScotland · 08/06/2009 15:55

Not a loon at all - it's just that school is a whole new category of stuff to fret about as a parent, and you're bound to feel odd that you have so little say over what happens there.

You just have to try to develop a relationship with the teacher so that you trust that she knows what she's doing and you understand how to support your dd in her learning.

It sounds like she's made a good start if she's positive about it, and you were happy with the feel of the place, so that's good. There will probably be a chance to meet with the teacher soon into the term, and you can ask about how she makes sure they're all engaged with their work.

Goblinchild · 08/06/2009 16:33

And please bear in mind that after reading the words on the wall comes spelling the words. Then sentences.
I have key vocabulary up too.

pigswithfludontfly · 08/06/2009 18:11

I had similar concerns, didn't voice them as didn't want to sound pushy but I did ask what they do if dcs can read (didn't mention mine could) and was told they're very, very used to it and have plenty who can....I think reception teachers are used to dealing with a wide range of children all at different points.

My end of June ds is able to read sentences BUT can't write his name properly so I've an interest in them differentiating at both ends of the scale

pigswithfludontfly · 08/06/2009 18:12

That was meant to read "can read before they start"

smee · 08/06/2009 19:07

norks, we've all been that loon

piscesmoon · 08/06/2009 19:19

The teacher will differentiate the work.

littletree · 08/06/2009 19:38

Great to be ahead but think that reception is about social development and getting used to school. In hindsight (son now at end of Year 1) I was very concerned that ds would be bored but now I realize how silly this was because they are all just babies anyway who should just be playing at their age!

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