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Ofstead - Notice to Improve Grade 4 School whats the differnce to special measures

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MrsHarrisonFord · 18/05/2009 17:07

A school being considered has this - but what does it mean in reality? and whats the differnce to special measures - what does it all mean?

anyone any knowlegde or experiece to share - good or bad?

OP posts:
CarGirl · 18/05/2009 17:36

I thought it means if it doesn't improve then it will go into special measures.

our local secondary went into special measures, got renamed, went through 5 heads in 5 years but now is really improved as the current head is on his 3rd year there and is really committed to seeing the changes through as are the staff that are now there.

Think it's all a bit of a crystal ball situation. I would read the ofsted report school carefull and look what they are "failing" on and what they are doing well at. Our junior school failed because it had debt (so what?) but in every other way was a fantastic school IMHO

LeftieVegie · 18/05/2009 17:41

It means that it has one last chance to improve things before they are obliged to chuck money at it!

mrz · 18/05/2009 18:01

A Notice to Improve is usually issued to a school that is considered to have the capacity to correct any problems whereas Special Measures means the school isn't capable of improving without huge changes (usually in management) taking place.
It can actually be a positive thing

myredcardigan · 18/05/2009 20:32

It's what used to be called serious weaknesses. Basically it means that they believe the school has the capacity to improve without the heavy-handedness of special measures. They will probably be inspected again soon. Maybe not another full OFSTED for a couple of years but LEA inspections.

Find out why the notice has been issued. Still visit to get the full picture and askto see the action plan. Ask HT hoe they have improved since notice etc.

(soory about poor grammar,onlyonehandd tonight.,)

smee · 19/05/2009 12:04

It's a final warning as others have said. They'll get another inspection within a year, so it could be good news in some ways as it means the school will have a lot of improvement going on. Or it could tip it over the edge.. I'd look closely at the report and the reasons. Is it an all section grade 4 - that would worry me tbh.

StripeyKnickersSpottySocks · 19/05/2009 15:33

My DD's (now ex) primary school got this in their Ofsted report a couple of weeks ago. I'd had serious concerns about the school for the last year and this was the final straw. She left that day and didn't go back, we found a different (much better) school for her.

In that case it was given a notice to improve as it provided "an inadequate education", "low teaching standards" "children not making adequate progress" are all phrases that stand out in my mind. The difference between her old school and her new school (good Ofsted) are unbelivable, I didn't realise just how bad her old school was until we moved.

Her olds chool got a Notice ratehr than Special Measures as there is a new head who has ideas on what to do. So I guess they are letting her have a chance to sort it out first. Good luck to her, but I don't want my DD there while she trys to sort it out.

smee · 19/05/2009 20:18

Can't say I blame you Stripey, but having said that when Ofsted start raging, it can turn things round rather quickly. No LEA wants a failing school on their books, so they pump resources and good people in if they can asap to prevent it. There are a couple near us that are now seen as 'good' after being close to special measures and it only took a year. Though a year is a long time in any child's education

Clure · 19/05/2009 21:32

After a school has been given notice to improve they will be visited by HMI for a brief inspection, mainly to see that the areas of weakness are being worked on. Twelve months after the first ofsted visit they will receive another full inspection.

StripeyKnickersSpottySocks · 19/05/2009 22:04

Smee - I must admit I did think that things can only get better and should I keep her there as LEA are going to throw money at the school, etc. But in this particular school I dunno what they can do unless they sac a fair number of the staff, which they seem very reluctant to do. 2 years ago, 80% of the parents went in and complained about one certain teacher - she's still there and still as useless. The school aren't doing anything effective about her and the other crapola teachers. Like you say a year is a long time in a kid's education, maybe the school will be graded "good" in a year's time. In the meantime she's now in a school that is already graded "good" and has an enthusiastic head. I could feel the difference when I went t to see this other school and I think there is a lot to be said about trusting your instincts.

smee · 20/05/2009 13:41

Good on ya Stripey. Glad she's in a better place. What a shame for the kids still there though.

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