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advice for dd - fitting into new - and VERY small school

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hatwoman · 15/05/2009 21:44

we have just moved and dd has gone from a sw london junior school with 60 kids per year to a tiny rural primary with about 60 kids in total. she had one very close friend in London - best friends since nursery. Now there are 5 girls (including her) in her year (y4) and she's finding it really hard to fit in (the other 4 have been at the school since reception). I have a smidgeon of a suspicion that there might be some bullying, at at least unpleasant behaviour going on. she told me about a horrible comment one of them made, and the other day I saw some pushing that, coupled with some body language and guilty looks when the "pushers" saw me, worried me that it was a bit more than normal fun. other than that she says they fall out most days.

dd and I had a long talk today and we're going to get some more people over to play - but I don;t know what else to do. I think she's finding it really hard. and I can;t say "well find someone else to play with" - because there isn't anyone else. I feel guilty for moving and powerless to help her. any tips?

OP posts:
blametheparents · 15/05/2009 21:54

I am guessing she is in a mixed class? Are there any girls from Yr3 that she could play with, or Yr 5?
What about joining Brownies or Cubs to make other friends?
I know it is hard sometimes, but could you chat to one of the other mums and invite one of the girls round for tea?

blametheparents · 15/05/2009 21:56

It must be a big adjustment for your DD too to move to a small school, I hope she starts to get on better soon. and don't be too hard on yourself, I know I would be guilty too, but hopefully things will work out

hatwoman · 15/05/2009 21:58

I suggested the y3 and y5 girls - I think she needs a bit of confidence to reach out to them, as it were. she's in Brownies - and this includes a couple from y3 and 5. maybe she just needs more time. thanks for the reply.

OP posts:
hatwoman · 15/05/2009 21:59

and especially the second reply

OP posts:
blametheparents · 15/05/2009 22:38

You're welcome

Hope she has a good week next week, and then you can enjoy half term

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