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DD has been invited to go on a 'Shakespeare without the boring bits' workshop

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OrmIrian · 14/05/2009 17:47

Only 1 of 5 from the school She's has been picked for a few things like this recently. It's organised by the G&T co-ordinator DD isn't gifted or talented. She's just quite clever and good with words. And very lovely, obviously.

How can they call an ordinary child G&T? What does it mean, if anything? Do I have to start bowing when she enters the room?

OP posts:
cory · 14/05/2009 18:19

No, no, you've got the wrong end of the stick. She should fall onto one knee and kiss your hand whenever you enter the room, in recognition of your amazing skill in combining the right Shakespeare-appreciating genes.

Hulababy · 14/05/2009 18:27

G&T means she is in the top 5-10% of her year group at her school.

Blu · 14/05/2009 18:33

It appears to have been re-named 'able children' in our borough. And they seem to invite children to activities which specifically fit their interest or ability. So DS has been invited to an 'able children' science workshop. I know other children have been invited to special gym sessions, and art.

kickassangel · 14/05/2009 18:57

i did a whole course on teaching children 'with giftedness'! (and changed it to 'children who are gifted' on EVERY page of the coursework booklet). there's a govt dvd all about it. you can tell a child with giftedness because they're very bright when you talk to them, it says so in the training.

never got the badge for it though, apparently the admin people at the national centre weren't ABLE to process the paperwork!

OrmIrian · 14/05/2009 19:21

Gaggh at 'giftedness'! Able is much better. She is definitely able. Able to wind her little brother up mostly Thanks for the clarification hulababy - I guess she is that.

cory - my DC should be genuflecting and kissing my hand every day of course, but so far is hasn't happened. Strangely

OP posts:
OrmIrian · 15/05/2009 11:55

WHilst I was sheltering from the downpour at school this morning, DD's teacher came up to me and asked if DD had told me how brilliantly she was doing. I said no because DD would hide her light under a blade of grass if she couldn't find a bushel . Apparently she's on L5 for her reading (which doesn't surprise me TBH.

Then she said that she can't wait to see what the 3rd child we've produced has in store for her as the others have been so different DS#1 didn't get on with this teacher - she was truly bemused by his Olympic-standard laziness! I told her the DS#2 is a 'character'. I think the first time the two of them meet will be interesting

OP posts:
katiestar · 15/05/2009 11:59

so 3 children in every class of 30 are gifted ..I think not !
Able would be a better term.A gifted child is VERY different

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