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So confused about school decision

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madame · 12/05/2009 18:43

I am really unsure of what to do with for our dd's school. She is 3 and half and is not due to start until 2010.

Our local primary is not the school we wish to send her to so our options are;

1.The next nearest local school which is very good. Not in our catchment but very close. However we would not be guaranteed a place and would not find out until next March.

2. Independent school that we really like and have a place but is 12 miles away therefore I would have that journey. This would be an amazing school for her and my gut is telling me I would really like her there .

If we chose the independent then they want her to start this September at their pre prep. We have got our house on the market and plan to move closer to the school but we just don't know if we will sell! Then I would have that journey....

I just don't know what to do......Too many variables and it's doing my head in.....Any words of wisdom from those that have had to make similiar decisions.

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Tamarto · 12/05/2009 18:47

I doubt it would matter much if she didn't go to their pre-prep.

I wouldn't worry too much about it just yet.

madame · 12/05/2009 18:50

I was thinking about approaching the school and asking if she could start later but they seemed adamant that she started in September with all the other intake. I am afraid I may loose her space if not. Also the nursery she is in is not really suitable anymore so I would need to find an alternative enviroment for her anyway.

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Tamarto · 12/05/2009 18:53


I would still aproach the school, are they really as busy as that?

Leave it a few days/weeks if your gut is saying the same i'd be inclined to go with it, pressuming cost wont be an issue.

madame · 12/05/2009 18:55

would you just do the journey and hope that everything else fell into place after?

She would only go 3 days a week until 2010

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Metella · 12/05/2009 18:57

Do you know how long the journey takes at school run time? You might be shocked!

Tamarto · 12/05/2009 18:58

If the journey isn't an issue for you then fine, if you think it'd bother you after a while you know the answer.

I'd not be keen on a school that i felt was pressuring me to take a place that isn't essential.

She could always join at a later date, unless it is a very exclusive school with a very small role i can't see there being a problem putting her in later than they want.

madame · 12/05/2009 19:06

I do need to do the journey to see, it's on my list to do.

I think I will have a chat with the head to see if she could start next year as that would take the pressure off and give us a little more time to sell the house.

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