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Kumon English - any DCs done this? Was it good/value for money?

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seriouscase · 11/05/2009 21:39

Just realised that Kumon do english as well as maths. DS1 is nearly 6 and making painfully slow progress with reading. Can anyone tell me if they have tried this and if it was successful for their DC?

OP posts:
AlmostLivingTheDream · 11/05/2009 21:45

yes, my DTs are in their third year of Kumon. they both started English and one has switched to do maths now but both really really improved their reading with this scheme where school was not 'doing it' for us.

there will follow now a barage of negative comments as most Mners hate Kumon...

good luck with it if you do go for it.

the other thing is that your DS may not be a natural reader and will not click with reading for some time yet. I have 4 DCs and two are not natural readers and haven't really got going until they were 8 y old.

maverick · 12/05/2009 08:21

Kumon maths is fine, but Kumon English is based on mixed-methods so I would not recommend it. There is nothing 'natural' about reading -it's a recent invention and has to be taught.

kylesmyloveheart · 12/05/2009 08:24

have a look at Kip Mcgraph - there are lots of threads on here about it. its more 'teaching'. ds7 is doing it for his reading/writing and its going well.

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