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Ds's teacher just rung me, and now I am slightly worried

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NervousNutty · 08/05/2009 15:58

I didn't collect him today his dad did. His teacher rang to tell me that she had chased up the SENCO for me as I asked and that she'd said that Ds had passed his hearing test (which I knew) but that she was still waiting for the school nurse to contcat her about Ds and as soon as she did she'd be back in touch.

Now I am confused. I saw the senco as ds was struggling with several areas of school but he wasn't identified as having any sn. The senco agreed that if things didn't improve they could put ds on an iep if i liked but first they wanted him to have a hearing test, and the school nurse was contacted to arrnge that.

Ds passed the hearing test though so I don't understand why the senco is still waiting for input from the school nurse, as she didn't mention asking her to do anything else.

Ds's teacher said that he has improved alot in the past few weeks and that she is sure it is nothing to worry about, but now I am.

OP posts:
Doodle2U · 08/05/2009 16:00

They're covering all bases.

Doodle2U · 08/05/2009 16:01

That's a shit answer, sorry.

they're covering all bases and following through the process. Once you've engaged with different parties, they each have to follow through their normal process to the end.

StinkyPee · 08/05/2009 16:01

He's improved a lot, the Senco & teacher are not too worried, so just be calm and patient.
I should think that DS passed the hearing test, but they have to wait for paperwork from the nurse to confirm this before they can move forward.

FabulousBakerGirl · 08/05/2009 16:01

I hate it when things like this happen. I was called at 3.45 on a Friday afternoon to go into school on Monday and fretted all weekend. No problems with the children, they wanted to see me to reassure me about something.

Maybe they want to talk through any worries you might have and make sure you are okay.

Try not to worry.

NervousNutty · 08/05/2009 16:04

Ahh right ok. I did have a letter saying he'd past, but i think the actual test was done by a nurse assistant.

Just asked ds if the lady did any other tests and he said no.

I am just paranoid i think. As single mum I always think that they will think that things are my fault or I am not coping with the kids or something.

Thanks for putting my mind at rest.

I will try and forget about it until they next in touch with me.

OP posts:
ICANDOTHAT · 08/05/2009 17:35

If they are quite worried about his hearing, he should be tested at an audiologist ... rooms are sound proof. Was the test done in the school ? They are not very reliable and I would want to be sure his hearing was really ok. Don't mean to stir things up, but my son was tested at school, passed and it transpired he had glue ear and was hearing at 50%. A proper hearing test cannot be carried out with the kind of equipment school nurses use in that environment. This is purely my own experience.

NervousNutty · 08/05/2009 17:38

Thanks ICANDOTHAT - I don't think they were particularly concerned about his hearing, they just wanted him to have it tested to rule it out.

His main problems were his poor attention span and him strugling with reading and writing. Over the last few weeks though his reading has come on in leaps and bounds, i'm so proud of him as he is really trying hard.

His handwiriting is still a problem but we are working on it

OP posts:
ICANDOTHAT · 08/05/2009 21:08

How old is he ? out of interest ......

NervousNutty · 09/05/2009 09:02

He is 6.5

OP posts:
ICANDOTHAT · 09/05/2009 12:24

Why did they want him to have te hearing test ? Was it behaviour or an attention thing?

ICANDOTHAT · 09/05/2009 12:24

Why did they want him to have te hearing test ? Was it behaviour or an attention thing?

NervousNutty · 09/05/2009 12:37

They said they always like to do a sight and hearing test first off to flag up any problem with either.

Ds had recently had a sight test so they just did the hearing one. He had passed a hearing test in reception but failed 3 as a baby, eventually passing one at about 2.6

His main problems are with his poor attention span and his struggle with literacy. His reading was very poor but has improved significantly with extra help from them and more reading being done at home.

Now the focus has moved to his handwriting which is very poor. His formation of letters is sometimes incorrect and unreadable. He sometimes does S and D back to front and recently when he did D back to front, I asked him what was wrong with it and he took him a long time to realise that it was back to front, so I personally am keeping a close eye on that.

We are doing handwriting practise at home every couple of days and he is doing ok with the guidance lines but once he goes back to writing on normal lined paper he goes back to his normal way of writing.

OP posts:
NervousNutty · 09/05/2009 12:39

I am going to tell then that I still want an iep set up even if he has recently improved. I think it will help his transition to yr 2 if he has one in place, as everyone wil know what his weak points are and what he is working towards.

OP posts:
ICANDOTHAT · 09/05/2009 20:27

Are they thinking dyslexia/dyspraxia ? The IEP is a great idea as it will keep his head above the radar iyswim. But, I have to say, that hearing/sight test will not be 100% and if they really want to exclude any hearing or sight problems, he should be seen by an audiologist and ophthalmologist.

NervousNutty · 15/05/2009 11:26

Little update - The school nurse has just rung me. She asked me lots of questions about Ds, his behaviour, fine motor skills, etc and is reffering him for an appointment with a doctor at the health centre.

I am assuming it is some kind of psychologist.

She said that from what I had said there wasn't anything that signalled anything in particular but that she thinks an appointment would be worthwhile.

So we have an appointment for 9th June.

It is a good thing I suppose isn't it. Just slightly worrying.

OP posts:
NervousNutty · 15/05/2009 11:27

Sorry meant to add, I am ICANDOTHAT, I don't think the school think anything anything in particular at the mo.

I don't know what I thin anymore tbh.

OP posts:
coppertop · 15/05/2009 11:40

It's good that the appointment will be fairly soon but obviously not good that it means you will be worrying for the next month or so.

I think the IEP is a good idea as any difficulties he has will be there in black-and-white for his Yr2 teacher.

(Slightly OT but I can't believe he's already nearly old enough for Yr2! It only seems 5 minutes ago that he was about 3yrs old - unless of course I've got the wrong Nutty. )

NervousNutty · 15/05/2009 11:58

Lol yeah you have the right Nutty. Time goes so quickly doesn't it ? too quickly.

I am pleased they have given me the appointment, just worried that they will either dismiss me as completely neurotic or find something that I hadn't considered.

I was a bit flustered when she rung too because I wasn't expecting it. I will have to make sure I make some notes to take to the appointment in June i think.

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