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Info needed for Queensway primary in Thetford

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SOLOisMeredithGrey · 08/05/2009 00:50

My friend is moving to Thetford in Norfolk in the Summer and is trying to find out what the local schools are like for her Dc's. She's wondering about Queensway and I was wondering if anyone can give a first hand opinion/experience of their Dc's on these schools for her please

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SOLOisMeredithGrey · 08/05/2009 13:37

bumping for help...

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SOLOisMeredithGrey · 08/05/2009 23:45

No one?

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SOLOisMeredithGrey · 11/05/2009 13:29

One more pitiful bump...

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SOLOisMeredithGrey · 11/05/2009 13:35

Blimey! that didn't even get onto Active convo's!!!

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Merrylegs · 11/05/2009 13:38

Hi SOLO- I can let you know later.

Thetford is DH's 'patch' (without giving too much away about what he does!)

I can ask him when he's back from work and post then if you'd like?

SOLOisMeredithGrey · 11/05/2009 13:50

That would be great Merrylegs, thank you! My friend couldn't get hold of the OFSTED reports for that school, so feels a bit stuck. Help gratefully received

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Merrylegs · 11/05/2009 18:32

Hi SOLO if you are still around - quick update...

I am sure your friend probably knows already, but there isn't really one stand out school on Thetford (unless it's the grammar!)

SO Queensway is, according to my sources, OK - certainly not the worst, but you aint going to get outstanding in Thetford.

There are 2 schools in special measures in Thetford. They have just been merged into one and have been handed over to the Church of England to govern. This new school is called something like Bishops (?) and is on the Abbey farm estate (which isn't the greatest area) so may be one to avoid - or to choose in a few years when it has been turned around!

(on the plus side, there is a lovely forest centre at Thetford with fantastic cycle trails, a fab adventure playground and go ape also.)...

Anyway, hth.

SOLOisMeredithGrey · 12/05/2009 14:35

Thank you so much Merrylegs, I will pass this info on Please thank your Dh for me too.

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