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schools in the Kinloss /Elgin area , where is good ?

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flossie64 · 06/05/2009 17:51

We may be moving to that area ,can anyone tell me which are the better schools. TIA

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flossie64 · 06/05/2009 18:44


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Saltire · 06/05/2009 18:46

Could you maybe try a school in Lossie?

flossie64 · 06/05/2009 18:58

We could possibly get a quarter in Elgin at a push but definately not Lossie as Dh would be based at Kinloss.
My ds went to Lossie high and still lives up there, he says it is very rough there now

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MilaMae · 06/05/2009 19:00

I went to Hythe Hill was a lovely school back then,wonder what it's like now.

GentleOtter · 06/05/2009 19:03

The Findhorn Foundation have an excellent Waldorf School and I have heard that Forres Academy is quite good too.
Will you come up before moving as you could ask some of the other parents at Kinloss which schools they recommend.
It is a lovely area by the way.

flossie64 · 06/05/2009 19:10

Milamae ,not sure when you went there, but my friend worked there up until last year, and Mrs farquhar (deputy head) is now head of Hopeman school.
GentleOtter, I don't think I would go for a Waldorf school and found when I lived up there before most of the people involved with the findhorn foundation were rather off the wall to say the least. Sorry if you are iinvolved with it , I dont' mean to offend.

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GentleOtter · 06/05/2009 19:13

No - it's ok flossie - I'm not involved with them but was trying to wrack my brain about the schools in the area. They are a bit lentil weavery but some folk are in to all that stuff.....

slummymummy36 · 06/05/2009 22:35

West End school in Elgin was all the rage when we lived up there.

Also St Sylvesters Catholic school is very sought after - also in Elgin. You may be lucky and get a place even if you're not catholic. It apparently helps if your kids went to the pre school. My dd went to St Sylvesters Play group and it was lovely.

We moved her to an indpendent school Rosebrae at 4. I think it had moved and been renamed Abbey Rose school or similar but it is now based in Kinloss itself. The fees were VERY low when it was Rosebrae and bursaries available. I have no idea what the school is like now though.

Enjoy your time there. I miss it!

flossie64 · 07/05/2009 20:04

I do know about St Sylvesters as my ds nearly went there when I lived in Elgin ,they do have to take a percentage of non catholic pupils.
The thing is we don't know for definate yet and school places need to be sorted as soon as possible.
Thanks all for your tips.
I just wish I knew what was happening as I feel like I'm in limbo. The military life is nothing if not interesting.

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Aefondkiss · 07/05/2009 20:11

My dc go to Kinloss, I think it is an excellent school (we are not raf). Hopeman is a lovely primary school, my dd went there for nursery for a year and it was a really lovely place. It is quite wee atm, less than 170 children.

I have heard good things about Forres Academy.

In Forres there are Anderson's... Applegrove and Pilmuir all are okay imho.

Aefondkiss · 07/05/2009 20:16

I have also heard good things about Westend(?) in Elgin (I think) lots of middle class parents send their children there.

I think the private school is Rose Abbey (?) - have heard neither good nor bad about it.

flossie64 · 07/05/2009 20:18

AeFondkiss- thanks I do know about Hopeman as I lived there ,when we were there before ,and my Ds went there.
The thing that worried me about Kinloss was the inspection report and the fact that the secretary told me it had a fabulous website iwith more details. When I looked it had not been updated for 10 months and the head had not updated his page since 2007!!
That did not impress me I have to say.

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