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Query about my DD's pronunciation

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jajoly · 05/05/2009 22:33

Was just wondering what is "normal" and accepted mispronunciation at age 5 (Jan). My DD still rushes her speech (she was told in nursery to slow down - in my mind she has an AWFUL LOT TO SAY just in case anyone stops listening lol!) However, she does still pronounce her r as w although, she does recognise the different two sounds and differentiate them appropriately indivially when sounding out phonically, for example. She had a similar issue with f but this has ironed itself out naturally. I don't want to pressure her, although I do correct her at times, but it is obviously a struggle when she tries to blend all the sounds of a word together and we usually have a little giggle at the end! Then I leave it a day or two.

Has anyone else experienced this? Will it iron itself out naturally as the f etc or should I be concerned?

She has a brother (almost 9) and I remember no worries on this score - plenty others mind you and still academically, but he is a good boy, albeit whingey these days!

Thanks for reading (first post )

OP posts:
ILoveDolly · 05/05/2009 22:54

Sounds OK to me? Lots of children at her age have little pronunciation tics. If she's aware of the seperate sounds for reading then surely it's not going to cause her any ptoblems.

lljkk · 06/05/2009 04:58

Saying r as l or w is normal up to age ~7.
f mixed up with th or v may also be ok at this age (I'm less sure on that one, minsd~).
Saying t for c or d for g as my nearly 5yo does those are problems.

lljkk · 06/05/2009 04:59

Pls excuse 1ht with tot wiggling on my lap

jajoly · 06/05/2009 07:48

Thanks for the replies - I had thought it was probably nothing to worry about, just worrying myself needlessly over things!

OP posts:
ICANDOTHAT · 06/05/2009 15:43

Why don't you post this on the 'Special Needs' section ... there are a few speech therapists who contribute there on a daily basis.

stleger · 06/05/2009 15:59

The R/W thing seems accepted up to 7. My dd2 had therapy for it when she was 10! I think ist was described as 'infantile r', and the therapist said it was a late sound to master. And if I was in England (I am in Ireland) it is so common as to be an acceptable use!

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