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Where does your child do his homework?

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ZandMsmum · 29/04/2009 16:10

My ds (7 Yr 2) is becoming a very reluctant writer. He has always struggled as a leftie (as am I) but the prevarication has now got to be beyond a joke. He currently does his homework at the kitchen table but the height and seating doesn't help with his writing neatness.
I'm thinking about buying a proper sloped desk for his room - will that help or will he be even more distracted?

OP posts:
BonsoirAnna · 29/04/2009 16:12

We bought DD a gorgeous pale pink desk and chair for her 4th birthday (joint present from parents and four grandparents).

It's a big success - she likes to sit there to do colouring and drawing because she is far more comfortably seated at her right-sized desk than in the kitchen or dining room.

I cannot recommend getting child sized furniture enough for their writing/drawing - when she was little she had one of those cheapo Ikea red plastic chairs and tables.

Mumwhensdinnerready · 29/04/2009 18:22

Do you really think his concentration would improve in his room? I think the table / desk is probably not important.I used to sit(at the kitchen table) with both my DSs at that age, not to do the work for them but to keep them on task.
Actually I don't think 7 year olds should be doing homework but mine used to get it regularly at that age. They were both making good progress at school and I felt it was too much for them. However I thought that to allow them to "opt out" would have given the wrong message.

Hulababy · 29/04/2009 18:25

DD is 7y and in Y2. She generally does her homework at her table in he kitchen. We bought it around the time she started school for that very reason, as well as for her to use to eat at when her friends come round and for her to do craft at. She had grown out of her small child's size desk and chair.

She does also have a large desk and chair in her bedroom but she uses that for when playing and doing non paint type craft. She prefers to do her homework where I am around.

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