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Should I move DS1 (Y5) to a new primary before the end of this summer term?- sorry, long!

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faraday · 28/04/2009 10:37

We are moving house at half term (a mere 2 miles!). We rent and our landlord wants the house back to de-damp it so we decided we may as well move into the catchment of an 'outstanding' secondary. The new house will be precisely 200 metres from a good primary which I visited today and was happy with (I'm rubbish at assessing schools!)- its OFSTED is a mirror or their current school, so it isn't a 'quality' up or down move.

Thing is, we want DS1 to get to know some DCs prior to Big School in Y7, AND I don't want to have to drive an extra 8 miles a day to keep them at their present school.

The new school has 3 vacant places in the current Y5, so we are relatively 'safe'. I had intended keeping DS1 in his existing school til the very end of term but the woman who showed me around the new school today asked if I'd considered doing the move sooner so there wouldn't be The Summer Holidays of possible anxiety hanging over DS1, being 'between' schools. Her idea that he'd begin to make friends in that time is unlikely- he's pretty shy amongst strangers, but I guess he would get a 'feel' for the school (and can continue to play with his current mates over the summer as it's really not that far away).

An advantage in getting DS1 in sooner is it will bump DS2, currently Y3, up the admissions criteria as he will have 'a sibling in'. Y3 is full, with twins ahead of DS2 on the waiting list.

I haven't talked to DS1 about this possibility yet as he's just got his head around moving primaries. He has shown surprising maturity in his acceptance of the idea, in that he does understand that:

-he'll get to know DCs prior to secondary
-he wouldn't be going to the catchmented secondary for his current primary anyway (we live out of catchment for his current primary too! The joys of the insecurity of renting...)
-he, to put it bluntly, would be likely to be in different sets in core subjects to his present mates, anyway.

What would you do?

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faraday · 28/04/2009 10:41

Oh, and yes,I will be taking the DSs along for a visit to the new school!

OP posts:
ingles2 · 28/04/2009 10:47

I moved my boys in September from yr2 and yr 3 into 3+4.
We had actually made the decision to move them much earlier in the year, but couldn't as the school is a junior and we didn't want to split the boys up.
I would recommend moving them as soon as you can. The six months of waiting wasn't ideal and both of my boys became worried over the summer holidays.
They settled in really quickly so now worries there. If your DS1 is into football it will be easy.

ingles2 · 28/04/2009 10:49

btw both of my boys are pretty shy, but adapted much easier than I thought they would

lljkk · 28/04/2009 11:56

I'd probably move ds1 now, you're stuck with lots of driving until ds2 gets in, either way.

ErnestTheBavarian · 28/04/2009 12:19

ooh, can I hijack and join in as I have a similar Q.

We're living in Germany and boys go to an international school. We now plan to stay longer, so planned to move the boys after summer holidays to local german school. We have told them this.

I niw work out, as the 2 schools have v. different term times, they finish school 26th June at IS, but don't start local school till mid September, so have 11 weeks off.

Am torn about

a. move them to local school now - ish
b. let them finish school year in IS then do few weeks at local school
c. let them have mega long summer holiday, which they've already been told about.

If they do go to local school and make friends, hey won't be about to play anyway, as we'll be away most of summer.

Faraday, in your position I'd move schools, as it will reduce the amaount of aggro for you and it also gives your other dc sibling status, so 2 advantages

MrsGuyOfGisbourne · 28/04/2009 12:35

faraday, move him in the summer term! Much better than in the dreaded September when everything seems more onerous. The teachers and puils will be more relaxed in the summer, and there are more fun thisngs to do, so he will be much better set up then, especially if he is shy or quiet.

jennifersofia · 28/04/2009 12:56

I would move him before end of year, rather than in Sept.

stealthsquiggle · 28/04/2009 13:03

Is there a 'third way' here - are there any holiday clubs at the new school which he could go to so that the school environment is familiar before he starts?

Otherwise, I guess it depends if there are things he wants to do/finish at his current school - for example, if he was deeply engrossed in plans for some end-of-term production I would be more inclined to let him stay. Given that he has shown such maturity, could you not give him the final choice?

faraday · 28/04/2009 15:00

Sadly, though I did research holiday activities, none are really suitable! Good suggestion, though.

I do appreciate all your input- you're really helping me come to a decision here as you're all talking sense!

We will actually move over Whitsun week and I am seriously thinking I will move DS1 to the new school then. Obviously I will seek his opinion and make sure he has had a site visit- I mean, he will then get 5 weeks under his belt there so can start Y6 at least a bit familiar with it all. My only regret would be that this year, in his current school, he has got a very good teacher and I would like to have maximised his time with him, but you can't have it all!

I will let you know what DS1 says.

I wonder if DS2's chances will be so improved that he may get in in Sept too? I guess there's a good chance a Y3 WILL leave over this next term, and I believe having DS1 'in' bumps DS2 up to pole position.

OP posts:
Smithagain · 28/04/2009 15:05

A friend of mine has just moved, right at the beginning of the Easter holidays. She did find that her DCs were desperate to get to their new schools - didn't like having it hanging over them for the whole of the Easter holidays.

I might be quite inclined to move him at half term, so he gets a half term of nice, relaxing activities before launching into Year 6.

faraday · 28/04/2009 15:50

Yes, I guess that would be the time to go rather than straight into the mayhem of SATS year! It would be nice if DS1 could get to do the fun, relaxed stuff at his old school as well but once again, I know I have to make a decision!

I reminded DS1 that I'd been to the new school today and he asked what I thought then expressed delight, that 'Yes, I get some time off school!' Wot? I said! No you don't sunshine! Straight from one into the other! I haven't broached the early start yet!

As it is we have an authorised week off prior to the half term holiday when a family trip away has been long planned- or rather, badly planned as we will be at the panic stations stretch of moving by then! We take the new place on the day we get back but at least we get a 5 day overlap of tenancies.

And ooer! It therefore occurs to me that DS1 MAY only have 2 1/2 weeks left at his old school!

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