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What is a "wow" word?

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5inthebed · 26/04/2009 21:45

DS1's homework this weekend is to make sentences using "wow" words. He is in Y1. He doesn't know what they are, neither do I. Please, anyone?

OP posts:
Doodle2U · 26/04/2009 21:46

An adjective. A descriptive word. They're trying to get the children to pad out their writing and make it more interesting robust.

Doodle2U · 26/04/2009 21:47

interesting and robust.

Hulababy · 26/04/2009 21:48

Generally an adjective, but can be other forms of words so long as they are exciting, interesting words they don;t normally come across.

HairyMuff · 26/04/2009 21:48

My Ds had this homework this other week.
Its as they say, to make a sentence seem much more lively and interesting and descriptive.

so: the children went into the swimming pool could be "the laughing children excitedly jumped into the swimming pool.

SaintGeorge · 26/04/2009 21:48

Pretty much anything that expands their vocabulary.

ILoveDolly · 26/04/2009 21:50

I guess his teacher might have something specific in mind, like adjectives, but probably any word that is out of the ordinary and makes her think WOW when she's reading his writing will be good. It's just to encourage him to take risks and not always write the same safe words he knows he can spell again and again.

melissa75 · 26/04/2009 21:52

I use a word of the week in my class which is a new 'wow' word each week. It is as doodle mentioned, a word that would not neccesarily usually be used in a childs writing. Something that adds a 'wow' factor to their piece of writing. For example, last week my word of the week was prickly, so I tell the children if they are doing a piece of writing to try to use the word of the week in their writing each day. For more wow words, see

This is where I get my words of the week from!

Hulababy · 26/04/2009 22:00

The class I help in (y1) also have a words of the week board - space for 5 words IIRR. Last week we had invincible as our top one - to describe a character ina fairy tale.

Caz10 · 26/04/2009 22:03

With older children we sometimes call them ambitious words, if that helps.

5inthebed · 27/04/2009 10:11

I thought it was desciptive words. Thanks for your help everybody.

OP posts:
seeker · 27/04/2009 10:16

An adjective. They can't call them adjectives because that is an elitist word with too many letters in it and the little darlings may be traumatized by it.

Hulababy · 27/04/2009 13:26

They are not just adjectives. Adverbs, connectives, etc. can also be wow words. They are words that may make their work more interesting.

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